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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


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Paul B

How wonderful to have a nest of Bumblebees. As I'm sitting here typing, there are several of the little darlings buzzing outside my window, around the wisteria. As your OH says, they really are peaceable :) We think we may have a nest too as there's a particular air vent into the cellar we see them coming in and out of. Love the new colour choice for your summerhouse, very tranquil shades. Hope the good weather arrives in time for your al fresco picnics :) Pxx


lucky indeed to have bumblebees - so much easier to see in the garden than the smaller honey bee. sounds a lovely outing with your Dad

Julie Kirk

The summer house is looking very fresh, coastal even. What a nice way to welcome in the warmer weather [said hopefully]!

I wonder if you've got plans for another 'something' once Simply A Moment ebbs away??? I missed last month's but will try to remember to join in its swansong. x


I might just carry on with the simple moments. I have found myself looking forward to the day and wondering what will happen that will give me a moment. Yes I think that having to record so precisely for just a moment has helped me a lot to sort out just what it is that makes me live in fear and this has helped me to stop being afraid.

Fiona@staring at the sea

What a beautiful outdoor space. I hope you get some lovely weather to enjoy it. I missed Simply a Moment last month, not sure how, but enjoyed reading other's moments as always.


We have had bees' nests for the last 3 years, in varying parts of the brickwork. I'm terrified of bees and wasps, but keep trying to reassure myself that the bees won't hurt me, as I sprint past as quickly as I can lol! Lovely colour choices for your summerhouse.

Jacky S

Our garden is alive with the buzzing of bees....I know they are wonderful,productive creatures.....and I do try to like them.....I just wish they'd go and live in someone else's garden!!


Oh, pretty pictures! Small snacks for me. I run up the stairs for five or ten minutes at a time and stick down a couple of things whenever I get the chance. Too long at once and I lose my concentration

The summerhouse looks beautiful


Alexa your page is simply beautiful, I am so in awe of your talent...
Gosh where did that year go? it flashed by in simply a moment. I have loved recording my moments and may continue with your lovely idea. Thanks so much for hosting it.


Try as I may, I don't think I will ever conquer my fear of all things airborne other than the aeroplanes taking me on holiday.


LOVE the new colors of the summer house! And I'm in awe of what you do with your posts - the snippets of your page in the circles - ADORE!!! Great page. I'm sorry to see Simply a Moment coming to an end because I have truly enjoyed it and love the pages I've created. Kind of fell off the wagon this year, but I may continue it on my own on a very sporadic basis as it was such an inspiring meme.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely page/full plate!


I love the colours of the full page and all the tantalising glimpses you offered! I'll be joining you on Friday ~ has it really been 2 years?


ooh a beautiful page and as the others have said the Summerhouse is looking good. I'm pleased that i did manage to join with a few simple moments x


Another wonderful layout; another beautiful post! The signs of spring at your house look oh, so lovely! About bees, the ones here definitely sting!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

I just love your layout, Alexa! Have you been enjoying Sketchbook Skool? I have loved it and plan to post a review on my blog...probably next week. Anyway, your page reminded me just a bit of Jane LaFazio's style.

Last go for Simply a Moment? I may be late to the party but I will link up at some point!

Jen Hart

Gorgeous page and I agree with Cheri the snippets in the circles are gorgeous.
Well done on the progress amongst all that rain!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your simply moments and will miss them, one of my favourite layouts of the past two years is precisely because of the journaling I captured so thank you. I often think of what I would write, even though it rarely gets any further so it was a great technique you have passed on to me, thank you.


We had bumblebees find there way into a small hole in the brickwork of our house a couple of years ago. My first thought was "get them out!" But the expert bee keeper I rang said to just leave them and they would go away. He was right!
Sorry to hear that Simply a Moment is at it's end, I have enjoyed it and will definitely join in for the last time.


I LOVE the texture from the fabric and string! Great colors too!

Missus Wookie

I do love bumblebees, we've actually put things out hoping that various bees would use them for nests, never thought of bubble wrap!

Sorry to hear that this is the last time to join in - but I will try hard to! Was already thinking about when I'd pause :)


Bumblebees are lovely! We often have them nesting in or around our garden - some nest in groups, some alone. Just now, our new wood-store, built for us by Jeff-the-Builder, is playing host to a group of bees, who have made little nests between the logs - just as well we don't need them during the warmer weather, but I think we'll need a bee-house for them to hibernate in over the winter...

Love the way you have presented your little snippets all together - after all, they are related to each other. And Willow & Seagrass are our favourite woodshed paint colours too! Your summerhouse looks very lovely (where ours is increasingly dilapidated, to the point where Mister LizzieMade says it must go!) Enjoy your summertime, sitting out on that verandah - or in the summerhouse if it's showery or windy!


What a lovely page Alexa! I just noticed on the past weekend that we must have yet another bee's hive, this time in the Euonymous or the brick of the garage behind it. We unfortunately get a variety here that are called Carpenter Bees and they drill holes in wood which has caused a lot of issues with the deck especially the shade structure we used to have.

I'll be sorry to see Simply a Moment go.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Stunning words, pictures, graphics ... you do this so well!

Lisa H

What a lovely page. Reminds me of some gorgeous magazine spread. The summerhouse looks lovely and as for the bumblebees! How delightful. Such a wonderful reminder of nature at its best.

Julie J

Looks like a very satisfying smorgasbord to me.


I love the crispness of the layout and the conversation between you and Himself. I am okay with bumblebees but because I am very allergic, I am terrified of wasps and yellow jackets (those guys are mean!) Sorry to see Simply a Moment go but I may just do an occasional post using that title ;)


What an interesting page this one is, and nicely presented as well. I had no idea there were such differences between kinds of bees, or maybe even that there ARE different kinds of bees. And I've always enjoyed it when you recount snippets of conversation between you and your husband.

Thanks for hosting Simply a Moment over these many months. I haven't been the most faithful poster, but I have very much enjoyed your and others' posts for this meme. Some of the moments have made me laugh, others made me cry, and all made me glad to be part of the blogosphere where so many share so generously of themselves. You are a star in that regard.


How wonderfully you've tied those three things together on the page. We are in spruce up mode around here too, and I'm missing sticking stuff down on paper. I need a huge dose of that as well as some time spent storytelling. Boo hoo about the SAM meme.


I have so enjoyed visiting each month Alexa even though I don't always take part (more a time problem than lack of want). But it is important to know when to put something down sometimes, you can always pick it up again later if you choose.
Your page is just beautiful - as always elegant, and so well designed. I love the different textures and detail (are these real or digital - they are so good it is hard to tell!)
I love bees too.... oh... and the colour of your summerhouse. It looks very restful and I hope you get lots of sunshine and use of it.

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