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Sunday, 06 April 2014


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Alexa, these photos and beautiful words have made me hold my breath! The textures and colours are truly wonderful, and what a beautiful cup and saucer made by your father-in-law. That is such a special thing to do, and to have to keep.
What a beautiful post, thank you so much for taking part.


Each one of your five is precious for its own sake, but I too especially like the cup and saucer. I'm sure every time it catches your eye that it brings a smile to your face and a happy, or perhaps, bittersweet memory to mind.


I love the rose as it is fading. Gorgeous photos.


Fab snaps, Alexa. Have a good week!


Just lovely!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh,they're all great shots Alexa. I love that little cup and saucer and the fruit bowl is beautiful.

Paul B

Beautiful photos Alexa!!!


Such beautiful textures in these photos. I love that cup especially

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous textures and lighting here - thank you for that gentle start for this morning.


each piece is beautifully unique and I can imagine that together they lend a lovely quality to your room. and thanks for the reminder about wabi-sabi


They're all wonderful. I especially like that burl wood bowl. You did a great job in photographing them all.

Jacky S

Such a wonderful selection. I love the clay cup and saucer....I think we have enough clay in our garden to attempt making something from!


You found so much beauty in simple things in your five minutes! I adore the teacup by your father-in-law.


just beautiful...sighhhhh


A gentle week sounds perfect. Your photos just exude calm Alexa. Beautiful as always.


How lovely. It's wonderful to start the week with a bit of softness and beauty. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos Alexa.


A gentle week? Yes, please. I love your candle holders ~ beautiful.


What a lovely collection of items from your kitchen,
Alison xx

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Great form, colour, texture and prose Alexa.


Yes wabi-sabi indeed... thank goodness we don't have to choose.


Oooh, i like your collection of photos here! Lots of textures and natural elements! What a cool blog mÊme!

Prairie Jill

Oh, these are wonderful! You really captured the wabi sabi feel, I think. My favourite is the cup and saucer. A real treasure.


5 gorgeous photos, great photography, I especially love the cup and saucer and the fruit bowl. For some reason the blog is allowing me to comment on One Photo Twenty Words so here's that comment...Beautiful photo, beautiful twenty words, both beautiful poetry for our souls.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Great photos, Alexa, and it's so much fun to see pieces of things in your collection. All very natural and earthy - I LOVE that!!! Thanks for sharing these. xo


lovely lovely photos Alexa....especially the cup x

Julie J

Now that's a set of photos which would definitely tempt me in for tea - so that I could have a nose around.


What lovely treasures!


This is just beautiful. You capture the aesthetic so well.


I love the candle holders and cup, wonderful

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