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Saturday, 22 March 2014


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Stunning photo to go with the heartfelt journaling. I still miss mine too.:-(


I could smell the liquorice, taste the blackberry with cinnamon and feel the warmth in my toes with you as I read. such beautiful words. thank you for sharing them

Jacky S

Mmmmm....I can smell liquorice as well.....how I loved it as a child....I still love Liquorice Allsorts......and I still remember the Black Jack chews that turned mouths completely black.


A lovely way to remember..

I can smell the liquorice too. And the thought of the loving experiment is making me smile :)

Melissa Gross

What a lovely look into your day as you remember and celebrate your mom's life! Sending you a virtual hug!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Heart warming and heart wrenching all at the same time. I'm a liquorice lover too.

Karen Walker

Blackberry with cinnamon is very appealing, but not the licorice! I've never been a fan. Sending you warm thoughts; remembering your mother's birthday is a bittersweet event.

Prairie Jill

As always, a beautiful post. You let me see, smell, feel, hear the things you were experiencing. Thank you!

Paul B

A wonderful piece of writing as always. Such clarity of all you sense in a brief moment of time. The tissue in the washing machine took me back. I was a terror for doing that when I was young. Every week, without fail, I'd always forget until my mother opened the washing machine and then the whole street would hear the angry howl lol. (and yes, many, many years later and I now do my own washing, I open the machine door only to see that once again, I've caused a confetti of shredded tissue - just not as often). Happy days haha Pxx

Julie Kirk

Oh Alexa - I have such a vivid picture of you and your Mum sitting, sorting, cleaning. I know we think about those we've lost all the time - but birthdays are particularly keen reminders. Thinking of you.

Thanks so much for adding my moment to your linky. I was out all day yesterday and had scheduled my post for the morning. I just logged on now to drop in on you + saw you were ahead of me. Thank you. x

Katie B

what a lovely elegant layout. I like the details of the scribbly highlighting. Birthdays and holidays are always difficult after we lose a loved one. I have the same problem in May on my dad's birthday.


Sending warm thoughts and a virtual hug. March is a month full of memories for me too. The pain is less now (ten years) but the missing is more.

Deb Keyworth

Oh how I hate it when you open the washer door and see shredded tissue and how it sticks to everything! When my son was at home I guarantee that every wash would include a guitar plectrum, he must have had them stored in every pocket.
I shared your feeling of loss in your journalling, it is hard sometimes isn't it? How lucky we are though to have happy memories to look back on.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Beautifully written Alexa - thank you for giving me pause for thought today.


Beautiful as always Alexa and I enjoyed the slightly different format you used. Thinking of you as you remember your mum.


thinking of you Alexa and your mum x isn't it frustrating when a tissue ends up in the machine...always in a dark wash too x


What a lovely, heartfelt post, so very poignant and touching:)

Wendrie Heywood

Oh thinking of you all as you deal with another birthday - they are hard aren't they? I took notes for my moment, might even manage to combine it with a photo this month :)


I am right there with you, as always. Even with the clunking in the washer, your life sounds peaceful and quiet. Big Hugs.


Beautiful Alexa, and your thoughts of your Mum touched me especially. Big hug xx

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh gosh, Alexa. You really got me with this one. I found myself enjoying your moment, smiling about the laundered tissue (I do that ALL the time) and thinking how lovely your writing is to describe your surroundings on what would seem to be a typical day. And then the realization of it being your mom's birthday. Just so very sweet and poignant. This might be my favorite of all of your shared moments. (Or do I say that every month?)


Just catching up, Alexa...glad you had a few surprise days with your family! As always your moment is perfectly described...and I too am sending a (belated) virtual hug...Birthdays are hard!
Alison xx


Such a lovely and poignant moment - one that I readily feel. Our mothers' birthdays are very close - March 14 is my mom's; she would be 99 were she alive.
Thanks you for sharing and giving us this opportunity to share with you and others. Peace and blessings.



Very poignant moment Alexa - beautifully written as always.


You capture the senses so beautifully. Hope you've enjoyed many moments in the days since.


You have a wonderful way of capturing and celebrating the moments of your life--I do enjoy reading the posts generated by this wonderful meme (and I'll back soon myself).


Awwww love your moment and hugs for you on your mom. I feel like I'm in your kitchen with you ready to clear out the cupboards!


You drew us in with all our senses and touched our heart too. Bless you and your memories of her.


Beautiful Alexa. I smiled at the bit about the tissue - no matter how hard I look one seems to find its way in there at least once a month. Hugs.

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