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Thursday, 06 March 2014


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Thank you so much for this most welcome tea break & chat. How kind of you baking gluten free, I myself am leaning into this, not quite gluten free but reducing the amount of carbs in general. Ah my one little word, enjoying the set of monthly exercises, not enjoying the dear diary F/B content. My word is showing up in so many blog entries, funny how that works. What lovely thoughtful children & oh yes happy belated birthday wishes; that spa coupon is just the trick for the gloomy March days. And oh so many crafts you can do, I admire. I think it will be months before we see the snow gone, what a winter, I cannot wait for the appearance of buds. Well must dash, see you next month & thank you again ...

Jacky S

What lovely,thoughtful children you have....and so pleased you were able to have 5 days with your daughter.
Enjoy your class....I'd very much like to do one of those myself.


What a lovely visit, and no, I am never bored by hearing about your lovely children. What thoughtful gifts, and ones you surely will enjoy! I just typed up a blog entry about my progress with the OLW. It should get posted in a day or so.

Prairie Jill

Oh, what a delightful visit! It's always so nice to catch up. I love hearing about your family, and all the lovely gifts. All those photos and videos! I'd love to go for a stroll next time - it looks beautiful there. Who knows, it might even be warmer when you come for tea with me next month?!

Paul B

A walk in the breathtaking countryside and reservoir would be delightful :) It looks wonderfully tranquil in your photo. Belated birthday wishes from me too, I hadn't realised (or remembered) that it was a special one. The spa sounds a perfect present, I wouldn't mind a day trip to one myself. Enjoy!!!! :) Pxx

Julie K

Such a treat Alexa to dip into your life like this. So sorry I've missed your birthday - if I was there with you *I'd* be putting the kettle on and waiting on *you* to make up for it! And I'd ask to see some of the lovely videos + photos and hear all about the well-deserved spa break!

Hoping the warmer days to come bring you improved health and time to get your craft on! xx

Wendrie Heywood

What a lovely cake, coffee and chat - I'd want to explore your garden and exclaim over the differences betwixt yours and mine. What a lovely set of gifts you got for your birthday.

Jen Hart

Happy Birthday Alexa, it sounds as though you were correctly spoiled with thoughtful and useful gifts :-) Having recently gone through a big birthday I can empathise with the strangeness and the niceness about it I think.

Your reservoir looks lovely, you will think I am copying you if and when I do get round to blogging as our reservoir is where we went for a couple of walks this winter :-)

I hope you find time to craft, I am retreating soon and I am hoping to get lots done there.


What wonderful children you have Alexa. I am busily thinking up ideas for mothers day. The photos from your son have given me some ideas! Thank you so much for catching up with me for tea. It was so lovely to sit and chat with you again. I am hoping this month brings more good health to you and yours. x


Maybe some day we will get to have a cup together for real. I think we'd have lots to talk about. I'm so sorry to hear about all the turbulence..gosh, Spring can't come soon enough, can it? A bit of a lift in the lift would do us all good!


Thank you for such a lovely catch up. Very happy if belated birthday wishes from me Alexa, and I will never tire of hearing about your family. Yes a walk and a lean on a wall would be just perfect next time. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could indeed leave our coats at home, or in the car, just in case.
Ripe & Ready is my current complain! Ripe? no! Ready? for what? Aaaargh!!!!


What a fabulous post - when I was done I was surprised to find myself back in my own house, in my own chair. It felt so much like I was visiting with you.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

You are such a sweetheart, Alexa. Your words are always so kind and lovely. I am fascinated by your son's birthday gift for you, and I can't think of anything more wonderful than having those memories of your grandchildren to carry you through the next couple of months. Thanks for the tea and the zucchini cakes! xo


yes I also frown at the supermarket thinking I am eager to be responsible for ripening my own fruit (and dubious it will happen).

What lovely, thoughtful birthday gifts. Your class sounds fun, look forward to seeing the results


Lovely photographs celebrating lots of wonderful things. That soup in the center photo looks amazing--I can almost always enjoy soup, even in the hottest weather. It does seem you had a wonderful birthday, with more to come of the photo and video variety.


What a lovely tea and a chat. I'm sure the Zucchini cake is wonderful. What a fabulous idea for your birthday- I hope you enjoy everything that you hold dear-oh and by the way i have the very same anthropologie mug- we both must have great tastes:)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Happy (belated) birthday! What a lovely gift from your son! I'd love to pop in for real one day - it would definitely be a hugging occasion!

Melissa Gross

Such a lovely visit today Alexa! Sounds like you had a nice visit with your daughter and what a wonderful gift from your son. It's still cool here and I'm longing for spring, been exercising regularly & started meeting with a personal trainer once a month, lots of scrapbooking, a little reading, and some home improvement projects.


Hmmm I do like zucchini in baked goods :) I would love to go for a walk in your countryside, I'm sure there would so much to see over our visiting. I would tell you how excited i am that the weather seems to be improving and it sure has my mind thinking of spring and planting some flowers :) Its been lovely catching up with you!


Yes, thank you I'd love some tea, and cakes or treats or whatever you have baking in the oven (and I eat sugar and butter and all those lovely old fashioned things). And yes, it would be lovely to compare notes on projects done and not done and in the middle, and how exciting it is to start a new class or new venture, and oh how much fun it would be if you could come to our craft days and work with us around my table or cozied up on the sofas knitting. And I truly wouldn't be bored at all and yes, a ramble about the country would be lovely and could we bring my dog because she's getting very lazy for 3 1/2 yrs. And, yes, we definitely have to do this far far more often than we get to do, let's make plans and really stick to it next time! And I'd exclaim that I didn't even know when your birthday was and we must make plans for a celebratory lunch next time round. And yes, it would be really really lovely to be able to do it in person next time 'round but I guess this is the next best thing.


So lovely to catch up with you over a brew (even if I am a bit late and it's gone cold!)and it was beautifully written as always. The birthday gifts were so thoughtful - especially the photo a day to look forward too. I would so enjoy a walk around that reservoir some time. 'Til next month :)


A bit late but I did enjoy catching up with you :) A cup of tea sounds really good right now especially with those wonderful looking treats you have prepared! Life goes on for us as well and on the creative side I am still busy working on two kit club design teams. I have lots more I would like to do but not enough time... My OLW was Healthy and it keeps popping up especially when my dear husband is trying to convince me to go for a walk in the evening.... I think of my word and then I can't be lazy and end up lacing up my shoes too. Thank you for the warm visit! I hope you get more and more sunshine these days.

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