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Saturday, 15 February 2014


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I love this! And the description of the young boy is just perfect!

Paul B

Another beautiful story captured of a moment in time. Lovely layout too, especially the trio of circular photos with the titles snaking around them. You have a winning way with youngsters. If it was me, he'd have met a much more terse response lol. Pxx


That's lovely! Oh, for the days of a pushchair..

I'm hoping you are safe and warm and dry..


What a precious, multi-layered moment. Your concern over your father is palpable, and you are offering him the best mix of freedom, dignity, and security possible. I was touched, as well, with your response to the little boy--I'm sure that short interaction made his day. As for your journal entry, I suspect it was a treasure as well...


What a lovely story - covering so many stages of life. Old Grumpy is definitely a good alternative name for that tree!

Jacky S

I love your interaction with the little boy....so lovely to hear a child's natural curiosity....and very apt choice of name.


I really felt like I was right there with you - great writing!


In addition to your wonderful moment, I love your introduction. It's a reminder of our lovely group of bloggers who are experiencing such different extremes in weather all at once.


Ahhh as always a lovely moment x

Prairie Jill

What a lovely post. So touching as you describe the contrasts of age and youth, wheelie and pushchair, books and computers. Just beautiful.

PS I'll be the one with the snow-sodden boots, as you might guess! But we're heading up near 0C for the next few days.

Yvonne Yam

Ahhh...the little boy reminds me of my nephews!


Just lovely Alexa and beautifully captured.


A truly beautiful moment Alexa. We wear many hats in a day don't we?


What a fun story, and yes, it is hard to watch independence develop (in teenagers, young adults or our elders). . . it's hard when you know it's best not to lend a helping hand.
Thanks for hosting. Off to write my contribution.


Spanning the generations here Alexa, I hope you found the words you were looking for to go on your page.

Melissa Gross

Another lovely moment you've recorded Alexa. I so enjoy reading how you watch and let your dad be as independent as he can at this stage. Your love for him always come through so clearly!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah...you are just so good at these simply moment pieces, Alexa! I love this one and as I read I felt like I was sitting right next to you watching this scene unfold. Lovely as always, consistent month after month.

Thanks for the chance to link up, and I hope you have a wonderful week! xo


I love this moment…reminds me of my pre-retirement days and you've captured the blend of the "old tech" with the "new tech" perfectly. I also just love the curiosity and honesty of young children. They are such fun and so curious. I love Mr. Stumpy Grumpy.



another perfectly written moment...i could really envisage the whole scene!
Alison xx

Julie K

What a lovely moment. I like that there's a common thread between your Dad and the little boy - in that they'd both been taken to hunt for books by someone who loved them.

Thank you for adding my link - I was going to do it yesterday but was in a bit of a hurry to get somewhere.

Missus Wookie

Both parts of the description are lovely - the thoughts and details made me smile too.


Alexa, I know I say this every month but you write so evocatively. I could just see that little boy with you. Perfect.


As always when I read your moments I am transported to the scene and experience it as if I am actually present.I can see your daddy rounding the corner, slipping out of view and then look down on the little boy's head.

Magaly Ohika

Hi Alexa,

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Wonderfully told, with the inclusion of the old and young and in-between. And you've increased by vocabulary. I looked up the definition of "serried" and I'll store it away for scrapbook page that I have in mind (yes, I'll be keeping you in suspense till I get around to it).

Fiona@staring at the sea

As others before me have said, your writing always puts me right there beside you as you experience your moment. Having a little Saturday afternoon catch up. Not much time for blog reading/writing during half term!


The young ones are so open and honest - imagine if we could all stay that way, finding so much wonder in every little thing? How nice that your Dad is getting around well. I can actually see him running his fingers along the row of books, looking for something to spark his interest. I miss doing my simple moment pages. Life has just been so much in the way lately!


Old Grumpy! Perfect.

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