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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


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Love it and hey! enjoy the tea and your day. Snow and ice are headed our way!


Good to see you making the best of the weather! Gorgeous photo.

Paul B

Wow Hadn't realised it was snowing round your way. We haven't seen it here yet. Hope you're keeping yourself tucked up warm and cosy. Bummer about the no pay though :( Pxx

Jacky S

No snow here....just never ending rain!! Stay warm.


The texture you've added to the photo is very intriguing. Glad you are enjoying your "snow day" - although that isn't really much snow. You could have some of mine if you like!


ooh that is a lovely affect on your photo brrrr no snow in the South hope it isn't causing too much trouble like the floods are near here..... I hear I might be seeing you in March.... looking forward to it xxx

Jen Hart

Great textures on the photo and super 'limerick' :-)

Prairie Jill

Beautiful image! It all sounds good - except for the bad roads and no-pay parts!


Hope it's not getting any worse...stay warm!!
Alison xx


You know...as long as the house is warm (the combination of love and whatever form of heat is available--furnace, fire, or blankets)...not much else matters. I hope you had a perfect "snow day."

Karen Walker

Looks far too familiar! Sorry about the no pay, but hope you enjoyed the day!

Melissa Gross

Burr . . . it looks beautiful . . . & cold!


You are quite a poet Alexa! Your words made me smile and your photo made me cold :P

Yvonne Yam

That is a great photo!
Hope the weather warms up for you soon!


It's very pretty. Sorry about the no pay - but looking at that it's good to think of you safe inside instead of venturing out


Brilliant words, beautiful photo :)


Simply beautiful (except for the no pay part of course)

Fiona@staring at the sea

I'd sort of forgotten there was any other weather but rain! Shame about the no pay but nice to have a cosy snow day and not have to brave the roads.


Lovely photo. Was snowing here, but didn't stick due to the preceding torrential rain!


What a lovely photo- something nice and cheery about a cup of tea when it's cold outside


oh no! I'm dreading the snow...still raining here! Lovely photo x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

This is so fun, Alexa. Love the photo and your sweet poem. xo

Missus Wookie

Hope the quiet day at home was restful and you can venture out (and get paid) safely soon.


Looks like you made good use of your day at home, love the poem and the photo effect. Luckily no snow here, just rain....


Think you might as well lie back and enjoy the day .... hope you do. Tea and toast sounds like a good way to begin.


Oh how i would love a fire and tea and toast with you Alexa! It hasn't been too bad in the north, only a flutter of snow. Stay safe and warm!


Fab photo, and I love your que sera, sera attitude.


I love how you've edited this photo Alexa, and you definitely get bonus points for creating a poem with your twenty words! Looks like the weather has been as miserable in the UK as it has here in Ireland... More rain than snow over here though!
Sorry I haven't dropped in or commented in a while - school has been pretty hectic the last few weeks. Thank you so much though for the very sweet comment on my JYC video, I really appreciated it. xxx

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Beautifully done Alexa - the words and the photo both smile of you!

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