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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


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Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Oooh what a lovely close-up - nature is so beautiful sometimes. No frosts here - I think we've had two this winter; no doubt they'll arrive to kill all the things that have been tricked into sprouting new growth early!


beautiful and yes photography is the only way in which I'm missing frosts at the moment - no spectacular ones here so far

sheena x

Wonderful photography x
Only one recent frost here which left the pavements like skating rinks!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh, wonderful shots Alexa. That close up is beautiful. You are so right about the finger-pricking, not ideal when the lining is white cotton lawn!


We've just had snow followed by cold followed by more snow. The polar vortex has slipped one too many times and I am so ready for spring! Our winter has been colder by far than I can remember for a long long time.

Paul B

Yes I've been wondering where the cold mornings have gone? We haven't had any frosts yet at all here. Stunning photos and a brilliant idea for a ZIZO project. Love how you've captured those fingers of ice around the leaf. Now where's that snow so we can all grab our cameras :) xx


Fabulous close up shot!
Hardly any frost in West London; just rain, rain and more rain. We shall all have webbed feet!


Beautiful! We seem to be in a permafrost here. The windchill was -15° this morning! Too cold to take the camera outside.

Jacky S

Just love your close up....not too many frosts here either....but I'm certainly not missing them!!


Love that close up, its really beautiful Alexa. We have only had 2 mild frosts down here.


What a beautiful close up..worthy of "Country Living" that one! We've only had about one day this year when we've seen any frost here. It's been a strange winter

Jen Hart

Lovely close-ups, we haven't had one frost here so far!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh wow - your close up is so beautiful, Alexa. Makes me chilly just looking at it! I'll not boast about our Arizona weather at the moment... ;o)


wow- what a close-up shot!


Gorgeous xx

Prairie Jill

Wow! I thought the first shot was your closeup and then scrolled down - wow!

Enjoy your mild winter!


Absolutely stunning. Both shots are fabulous.


Love the zoom in especially--just lovely!

Is a mild winter a good thing where you are? If so, I hope it continues. Or, are you hankering for a snow day? If that's the case, I'll wish for a Thursday storm that keeps you home from work on a Friday and a sunshiny Saturday that melts everything away before you get around to shoveling.


Wow! Your second shot really grabbed my attention Alexa, so beautiful! It really is rewarding to take time and look at nature properly. Thank you for this reminder to slow down and look more closely.... really closely.

Julie J

You did really well capturing those mini icicles. And with a point and shoot too! Isn't modern technology wonderful in the right hands.

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous ice crystals - we've also not had many frosts, so my nasturtiums are still green and growing. I like the layers and textures in an ivy covered wall or fence.


Gorgeous! So, what kind of lens did you use for the close up?


That is fantastic photography! I LOVE both takes!!!


your zizo are spectacular.

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