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Saturday, 11 January 2014


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ooh loving your split personality way of journalling your year! Hope it works out and fits for you xxx


that's what I love the most about documenting/scrapbooking...you can adapt it all to suit your needs and it looks like you have done exactly that! XX


Looks like a great planner. I'll be watching to see how you get on. I love the idea of planners especially the feel of the smooth untouched paper and then fail at the recording bit. I think I'm a stationary hoarder really.


Hi Alexa, so glad that you are doing this too! I have loved all the Facebook examples and couldn't wait to get started, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself. I finally found the perfect book, a moleskin diary about 6 x 8 inches. Not too big but big enough to log everything I want. I can't wait to get started!
I love how you have removed your pages and spiral bound it. I look forward to joining you in this project and I'm so glad you have found somewhere to feel creative and arty xxxx


Love your customized journal, Alexa,
Alison xx

Karen Walker

This sounds like a great project, and I'm anxious to see the pages as you go along! I've never heard of the Documented Life Project, but I'll hop over there to read about it. My art journal, faithfully done for exactly three months in 2013, ended up much the way you describe yours. I'm still interested, but trying to figure out how to adapt it to a new year. I love the collage of the bits and pieces of your journal.

Melissa Gross

What a fantastic journal & I love that you're giving each side of you a place & way to create this year!!

Fiona@staring at the sea

I've seen the Documented Life project popping up here and there across the internet and I love your alternative to the moleskine.


Love how you've decided to satisfy both sides to your creativeness.


what a clean, Alexa-esque solution


I think these days people seem more aware to document their life and lets face it there is more things available to us to do that type of thing. I'm working on my Project Life Digital Pages from last year so I can get my 12x12 book printed. I'm up to about Week 36 and it takes about an hour to do a week or even more depending on what's I'm doing. Sitting with a friend doing it (chat chat) at skating with the kids...drag and drop a photo, edit a photo, look at kids skating, get snacks for kits skating etc. etc. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog...seriously it was so good to get the kids out of the house. We have 8 weeks school holidays and as I'm a single Mum we don't get to go away on holidays for weeks like all our other friends so we all needed the fresh air that day and we all were better off for it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


First the plan, then the execution. I tend to be fairly compartmented myself so I can appreciate how the separation between your two selves will be a benefit. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next from one of the most creative women I know.

Paul B

Yes I can definitely understand the two sides, the arty and the designer. It's one I struggle(d) with too. I think I've managed to find my own balance for the two. In crafting, cards, scrapbooks and digital projects, I feed the designer. In my drawing, sketching, photography, I feed the artist. I think I've realised I'm not happy with messy. It's fun to make but I don't like the results. Once iI understood this, it helped me to compartmentalise (you know how we guys like to do that). Anyway, it's brilliant to hear that it's not just me and that there are others who struggle with two natures. Personally, I've always looked to you for inspiration. You have a knack for making all your projects look clean and elegant, even when you bring out the artist in you. So I shall, as always, be glued to your website this year to see all the beautiful projects you share. Have fun with your moleskin. Px


Whatever you do, it's always an absolute pleasure to see it appear before our very eyes. Here's to a year of creating ..any way you choose!


What a great and unique approach to the different sides of YOU! I think PL will be just perfect. 2013 was my first year. I decided to approach it on a monthly basis. That worked out just fine and is how I will continue with 2014.


It's a beautiful, colorful, fun, happy start for your would-be-artist and I can't wait to see more! This year I'm doing my OLW in a smash album which will also include any documentation I do of my Kindness Project. Now I'm off to check that link for the Documented Life. Keep seeing references, but no idea what it is!

Julie Jeavons

I hope it works for you. And don't forget that it's yours and you can change it as you go to make it work for you.
I think I've just accepted that daily - or even weekly, journalling is not for me and that random traditional scrapbooking pages as and when inspiration strikes is what works for me.
P.S. - that pink snowy LO post will get published tonight.

Jen Hart

I hope it works for you Alexa. It has taken me two years to get to where I can 'keep-up' sensibly and enjoy project life and 12x12's. I expect it will evolve again too. I haven't heard of The Documented Life. I'll take a look.


Hi Alexa. What a lovely idea and one that is sure to be beautiful and inspirational. Hope all is well with you.

Missus Wookie

What a sensible idea to give each of you your own place to create/record.

Now I know what to call those pages I add in with tape, I like the idea of 'tip in' pages, sounds so much better than 'taped on'.

I just bought another set of rings and covers in the US to allow me to have a second arc notebook for work to ensure the main one actually fits in my bag when I'm off to see clients.

Rose Brier Studio

Alexa, Your blog is wonderful. The definition of trimming the sails is fantastic! I like it both as a sailor and as a person navigating life's interesting waters. Thanks for sharing the title on OLW, I love discovering new blogs!

Prairie Jill

Interesting! I tried Project Life last year - did it all digitally and don't know if I'll print it of not - but don't think I'll do it again this year. I looked at the Documented Life, too. I'll be interested to see how you like it. (I like your idea of just committing initially for 6 months. That seems more manageable.) Can't wait to read about your digital self's decision!


I love that you have found what feels like a good fit for you and of course I am loving your colors!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Perfect! I hope you'll be sharing a bit of what you end up with as you go. I love the looks of it already!


Oh that looks like an interesting route to take. I'll be interested to see how it works out. I've been trying to figure out what it is I need to adjust in Project Life to make it suit me better. In the meantime, I just keep gathering supplies. I guess I have overload paralysis - I'd better figure out a first step soon.


This looks creatively very promising. I went to check out the blog and loved the first prompt. Can't wait to see your pages!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

It looks lovely Alexa - I hope it suits

Yvonne Yam

Hope this plan works out for you. I'm way less organized!lol
P/s:I don't bring anything related to documentation out with me except my phone.


Sounds like the perfect compromise - do it your way! Just don't let the dates thing become a tyranny, or feel bad is some pages are blank ...


Sounds like a neat project…will you share your finished pages with us? I love how happy and colorful your book is! I've been successful with Project Life but I do it in big chunks, not every day. Will be interested to see how it unfolds!

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