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Thursday, 16 January 2014


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You do know how to transport us to where you are. My hubby and son spotted a woodpecker in the yard just yesterday. It was one of a type he hadn't seen before, usually they are only to be heard out near the road where several tree trunks bear their circular scars. Thanks for sharing, and nudging us to share too.


I so enjoy reading your moments, as you always capture them so beautifully. Mine is a little rushed today ... I had a deadline!


a beautiful read. It reminded me of the time we made bird food with the boys...it was so messy x

Paul B

A beautiful layout and another perfect telling of your monthly moment. Px


Lovely tale as always. Happy 2014. I look forward to reading more about your year ahead.


Beautifully done again Alexa. YOu always transport me to your little part of the world.


A lovely moment, Alexa...I'm hoping to find a moment to join in, over the next day or so!
Alison xx


As I worked in the studio this morning I heard a woodpecker that thought the siding on the house was the place to peck @@ The Chosen One makes a special bird suet for his handcrafted birdfeeders. he has to wear gloves because they are greasy but also because it adds a great deal of capascin to discourage the squirrels.

Julie K

I can just see the ladybird and the woodpecker adding two wonderful accents of red to the brown and the green of the garden.

My parents get woodpeckers on one of their trees and it's always a treat to see it. So magical and characterful, like something from a story book!

If it's any consolation we didn't tidy our garden before winter either. Just think of it as encouraging wild-life ... always a great excuse ;-)


as always, simply lovely. I have a soft spot for feeding the birds too and am always delighted when the local woodpecker appears!


It sounds to me as if you might have sunk if that moment had lasted very much longer :) and I'm speaking from experience there. Let's just say, we fill up Granny's bird feeders when we go visiting.

Jacky S

So very evocative,Alexa.


I felt like I was there with you, what an atmospheric moment you have described.


Alexa this is simply lovely…I feel like I am right there in your garden with you. We are alternating between very cold and very mild over here in New England and I feel so sorry for the poor birds and animals that have to suffer through all the swings!


Oh so beautifully written Alexa. I haven't see the woodpecker for years, that is until now, in your garden. Hoping to post my moment tomorrow.


You have a gift for noticing, for appreciating, and for the turn of a phrase--and you used all of them in this post. We can feel the breeze and the damp you describe and can hear the "squish" as a foot steps onto water-laden earth. I also like the "simply a moment" banner and column layout you used for this post.


Another perfect moment in time. I envy your ability to capture these so beautifully.

Missus Wookie

Beautifully told and illustrated. We have woodpeckers here but I rarely see them. Bird feeing is one of those messy things that bring about joy :)


Alexa, I tried leaving a comment the other day but my computer has been playing up terribly ... I am crossing my fingers this works as I wanted to say that your moments are always such a feast for the senses. I love how you capture the moment with words, but you also capture a visual moment with your beautiful photos and interesting presentation.


I was lost there Alexa, you really know how to pull me in. I love the glimpse into your garden - ours is somewhat squelchy too.


You write so evocatively Alexa. Beautiful. I am hoping to join in tomorrow. Sorry it will be late!


Hi Alexa, yes, an Esky (I've changed the spelling in my blog post from Eski to Esky and it is a cool box, or ice chest to keep your food and drinks cool). I've included a link description now for anyone that doesn't know. Thanks for your lovely comments on my posts. Your comments about my mothering couldn't have come at a better time because this mother is exhausted from dishing out dicipline this week. 8 weeks home together 24/7 is enough to make anyone exhausted on top of all the duties I do as a single parent. Another week to go and then we'll be hitting the deck running with school routines and OMG that dreaded homework issue. There is going to be a more streamline approach in 2014 so it doesn't stress me out. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Yvonne Yam

You write beautifully Alexa!


Beautifully written - I love reading your moment every month :)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Beautifully told - and fabulously presented. TFS


I love the way you capture nature in this post.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I'm always taken to the place you're describing Alexa. You have such a gift for evoking these moments in time.

Prairie Jill

Lovely post! You write so well - I feel like I'm right there with you.

Melissa Gross

Oh Alexa, you always capture your moments so wonderfully!


A wonderful moment. Your writing is always full of such fabulous description. I too need to chop back my crocosmia! Ah, well, it will have to wait til spring now.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

My favorite thing about Simply a Moment is reading your lovely words and seeing how you've documented them. This is so beautiful, as always, Alexa! And I love the photo and the way you've designed your page. Simply beautiful!


When I grow up, I want to be able to write as well as you Alexa! I love the very evocative way your words conjure up images. And I really like your new layout design as well - The photo as background is just amazing!


"the arc of condensation..." I love your words.


Ohhhh, Alexa... I really love your writing... I hope someday I will arrive to draw with words as you do...

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