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Friday, 24 January 2014


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Fabulous compromise. Do the photobook/magazine layout for the bulk of the seasons and then add an artsy piece in to add to the story. Going to borrow your process. Quarterly is a nice compromise too. Do like my Blurb books.

Missus Wookie

They look nice - I liked my Blurb book. Lay flat pages was why I went for Adoramix for my 12 in 12 album - hmm, don't think I've shown that on the blog. Will do so :)

Jen Hart

Such potential in those templates. I hope they do what you want them to do. Did you get The Artsy One under control? :-)


You know how much I would have enjoyed helping you measure a few books! I can't wait to see a finished book from you because it will be a beauty: no doubt about it


Your templates are nothing close of boring!!! I think this project is going to be fabulous and I can't wait to see it unfold!

Paul B

Gorgeous layouts Alexa, they appeal to me much more than the standard pocket pages do. Knowing how beautifully you design your layouts, the resulting book, when it's made, is going to look amazing. Glad your CAS side has been appeased, even if the artist is crying out for attention :) Pxx

Fiona@staring at the sea

I was going to make a comment about your page designs, but picturing you, bouncing off the furniture, has driven every sensible thought out of my head!


It's a very clever idea to change out the design for the seasons. Will keep your creative side from completely going bonkers. Your layouts look lovely too! I am with you on the size of the books, I scrap in 12x12 and you have to sit with them in your lap or on a table, never thought of LOL status until now! Will be interested to hear how the project unfolds…I think you're off to a great start, organization and the plan is 3/4 of the battle!


Oh and love the photos of your book stacks! I think you can tell so much about a person by their library!! and get good ideas on volumes to purchase for your own.

Melissa Gross

Yes, we must contemplate all the details before embarking on a new book! :>) These templates are great - I like the first one the best, but think they will all work together wonderfully. (Any chance you'll share them with us???)


Your magazine style templates look great! Sometimes I wish that digital scrapping felt easier for me, I'd probably get more memories out of my head!


love your idea of taking a dotted line and a semi-circle for a walk - wonderful set of templates and like your idea of a seasonal change

Lisa H

i love the structured approach you have taken and the templates you've created are wonderful. I'd have jumped in feet first, making all sorts of random decisions and then wonder at the end of the project why it's not quite right!


Your design work has always been superb, and this looks just wonderful. Once I finish the huge purge and reorganization, a Blurb book moves to the top of the list. I think I'll have to settle for their designs however.


Hello! I'm having a "catchup" session today. Love the idea of a photobook with your layouts above. And I had to chuckle at you measuring books to see what would be the right size - but it's such a very sensible idea!
I've made several photobooks with "Photobox.com" and been really pleased with the results. They have some discount offers just now too, in case you might be interested. They have various types, including some spiral-bound softcovers and various soft and hard-covers that have spines. Most of these do lie flat - the ones I got certainly did (spiral and A4 hardcover). Just to add to the choice-confusion for you!
And if you get a "friend referral" they give you 50 free prints (and the same for the friend, but I don't mind about that). So if you want a "referral" let me know and I'll set it up.


Please let us see the finished book the templates look great and your eye for design will mean it's fab.
I did snigger at your opposing sides I had visions of a paint covered individual dancing around behind you.


well alexa......just from looking at your design templates I can imagine how gorgeous this book will be x look forward to you sharing it with us :)


Beautiful templates Alexa. Yes, I agree with you that 12x12 is a big size and does carry some weight. I say clean and simple will work well. It will always be in fashion and your photos and words will always shine through. I can't wait to see the results Alexa!


It's easy to see why your projects turn out so well--because you put in the time up front to make sure everything is just right before you even start.

I will keep an eye out for your progress on this--I toyed around with burb a few months ago but found the interface a bit difficult to manage. Perhaps I should revisit the site again.

Prairie Jill

Oh yes - too many choices!! I like your plan, though (even if Ms Artsy is bouncing off walls!) Can't wait to see the pages as they take shape.


I really like the templates you've made - I bet it's going to turn out amazing, looking forward to seeing your progress :D

Julie Jeavons

You're very well organised. Being so well prepared you should be able to keep it up for th year and it's bound to be elegantly understated. and as for your creative side - just give her her own project to work on.

Yvonne Yam

Gosh. That's a lot of thinking and planning. But I agree. 12 x 12 is way too big. And probably not practical for LOL stage in life. I LOVE the size you've decided on. :)

Katie B

Such lovely layouts. Now that artsy side has all those green squares to fill. Not everyone has to be a photo, right? Thanks so much for your comment on my blog means so much that you not only read but comment.


I'm a scrapbooker - but cut out and stick, then DECORATE, not your beautiful graphic work. I always did 12 x 12 but as retirement looms I do wonder about finding room for the albums on the shelf of what may be a very modest dwelling. Have recently gone for 8 x 8 instead, and find I still manage to make a meaningful record which I know I'll want to look at when I'm an LOL too!!

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