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Thursday, 09 January 2014


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Paul B

Beautifully captured words and accompanying photo. Hope all is better in the New Year for you and I hope you'll be sharing your wonderful creative talents on here :) Pxx

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Your piece for Abi's meme is so beautiful, Alexa! I just emailed you this morning because I've been thinking of you and missing you here in blogland. Lovely to see a post from you in my reader!


Alexa, I'm hoping you are ok. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way. This weather has been crazy hasn't it. Today felt like the first day with sunshine. Thank you for capturing your feelings so well today in so few words. xxxx


Perfectly matched words and photo. Sorry to hear that the year has begun with anxious times, I do hope things improve very soon x

Fiona@staring at the sea

Of course it's not too late Alexa. I hope 2014 brings less anxious times and many happy moments, to outnumber the sad ones xx

sheena x

Happy New Year to you too x
Beautiful choice of words & photo x

Jacky S

Happy New Year. A beautiful photo and words.


the way you have altered that photo is beautiful it just adds to the movement of the water as it almost drips across the page, xxx


Happy New Year to you! I love what you've done to the photo.


Happy New Year Alexa - lovely photo and words x


I love your words Alexa, if it is okay with you, can I borrow them for someone who might find them helpful? I just love the idea of walking along the edge when the way ahead is blocked. Someone I know uses avoidance as a tactic - this may give her another direction to try.
I love the photo too, it fits the words just perfect. Good to see you here and I do hope 2014 eases up for you soon, and is more a gentle journey for you and your family xx


Such a beautiful post, image and words. Hoping the way ahead clears soon. Happy New Year to you all.

Karen Walker

The perfect photo for your wonderful words---which say so much about how your recent weeks have been. I'm glad things are improving.

Yvonne Yam

I love that quote....it's so true. :)
Hope 2014 is treating you well.


Beautiful image and sentiment. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way. . . for you and your family.


This is lovely Alexa. I look forward to hearing what you have planned for 2014. Happy New Year.

Missus Wookie

Wonderful and very timely reminder - walking along the edge sounds like a plan for me.

Hoping things go well and holding you all in the light.


lovely to see you back in blogland and hope everything is improving for you. Fabulous image and words


Wonderful photos and inspiring words. Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative new year x

Julie K

That's good advice Alexa - I hope I remember to listen to it when I need to. x


Happy New Year Alexa! I love your words, and love what you have done to the photo:)


I love your picture and your 20 words are perfect!


Hoping you'll be edging more towards the middle very soon..


The photo is absolutely gorgeous Alexa - I love all the texture and distressing you've added to it. And the reflection of the tree in the puddle is fantastic! I hope that the path ahead for you will be clearing up soon! Have missed you in the blogging world.

Jen Hart

Happy New Year to you Alexa. I hope you are more settled soon.

I love the treatment on that photo, just gorgeous.


fabulous interplay of thoughts, photo, and words.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely description to go with that photo! Happy New Year to y'all!!


lovely photo and much needed words which describe it. May 2014 be filled with love, laughter and blessings.


What great words to go with such a lovely photo.


Fabulous picture and quote :)


It's never too late for a hearty Happy New Year...I'm glad to know that things are improving for you and your family.

Your photo and the words you chose to accompany it are perfect, especially, it seems, for your circumstances just now. I'm sort of envisioning you walking along the very edge of the curb, one foot carefully placed in front of the other, arms out to help balance, mind and eyes concentrating on the next step.

An excellent post for sure!


What a gorgeous photo with such lovely texture, and the words to accompany it are also very fitting Alexa. Hoping things are well and continuing to improve for you and all the family. Wishing you a very happy new year! x

Prairie Jill

Sounds like things are finally starting to settle down a bit for you - I'm so glad. This is a beautiful shot, and I love the framing around the edges. Beautiful 20 words, too.

Thank you for your visits to my blog. I love the thought that you check Winnipeg temperatures!(I think you said once that your father does, too.) Today we made it up to freezing for the first time since November. Thank goodness!


A beautiful photo and I love the framing. The quote is encouraging in my opinion and I hope that it helps you to feel your way around. Best wishes for you and all of yours.


what a great image, totally fits with what I'm thinking it looks like at home in England right now. We've had rain too, but not that much I don't think. BTW, yes my pic was Yorkshire Puds. I'm not sure how they rose so much, more luck than judgement. I used flour that I used to use in my breadmaker (before it broke!), so maybe strong flour is the way to go - also not sure how much difference it makes living 2000 feet above the sea! Just don't taste as good as my Dad's...


Your wise words make me think of Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class that i love! I love this meme and hope to play along next time!

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