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Saturday, 07 December 2013


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What an awesome find! And an amazing gift.


A beautiful moment and who knew little things could mean so much. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Missus Wookie

What a truly precious gift.


I am so glad you checked those little pockets. I a have yellowed little card with a poem on it that came from my grandmama's purse and I treasure it. How perfect is her handwritten one :)


Oh, so glad you checked those little pockets. What a wonderful and precious gift from your mother.

Melissa Gross

Oh, Alexa, it is like a little gift from her - a little insight into things she found precious and is now sharing with you as another holiday season rolls around! Thanks for sharing!


Oh what a wonderful story. A perfect end to the Storytelling series.


Crying a little myself here..it's so very lovely and for me of course the combination of being able to picture your Mum's homeland with the words from the Welsh poet? It's going to stay with me all day. Especially as I'm heading down the road that direction today. I'll be thinking of you!

Thank you so much for joining in to mark the last Storytelling Sunday Alexa. It's so very much appreciated x

Yvonne Yam

Oh, it is such a precious gift from your mother. Big hugs!


What a wonderful surprise to find that precious bit of your mums handwriting.The sentiment couldn't have been more perfect. I'm been thinking about my mom lately too! Thanks for sharing.


I've tears reading this precious gift you've been given. Something to treasure for sure


wow that is truly precious and what an amazing find.... totally meant to be xxx


What an amazing find ..and a truly precious 'precious' to end the year with
Alison xx

Jacky S

That really is a very,very precious find.


ahhh, a lovely pick your precious. A treasure x


Alexa, they are such beautiful words and I feel deeply moved on your behalf. A treasured gift and something to hold on tight to xxx

Prairie Jill

Precious indeed. What a beautiful post - thank you.


What a precious gift from her.


I am so glad you checked the pockets and found this precious treasure Alexa. You have reminded me of the connection we have with our loved ones and their written words.


oh goodness Alexa. What a find. As you say-a precious gift.


I bet you are so glad that you checked inside the bag! What a precious find x


I can't imagine that you will ever again see a red sky, or feel the rain, or smell one of your mother's favorite flowers without being reminded of this very special treasure. Precious indeed!

sheena x

Alexa x
This was an amazing find & now I'm sure every time you see a red sky,smell the flowers or feel the cool soft rain you will remember her & the moment you found this precious xxx


Oh my Alexa - your post quite literally gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes! I'm SO glad you checked the purse before you gave it away! Such a precious piece of your mother to hold onto!


So glad that you checked the pockets and found those treasures x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh, Alexa, where do I even begin! You can imagine how touched I am that you have found something so precious that your mother had left behind. How lovely that you thought to check every last pocket and were able to find these beautiful pieces - just as it was meant to be, I'm certain! As I struggle with the same emotions over my dear departed mom, the sentiment in your mother's handwriting really touched me and brought forth tears. It's absolutely perfect, every bit of this post. Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece with us, Alexa!


She knew you were needing something, or perhaps your Dad was needing a sign from her. They always know and respond, not usually in a way we expect.


The Dylan Thomas piece just takes my breath away. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing,


Beautiful, Alexa. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and emotional story Alexa. What a precious gift from your mother, so special to find it tucked away, and the poem is wonderful xx


Oh! Alexa, yes a little gift from her, words that touched her and her handwriting too. Truly precious, Thank you for sharing such an exquisite moment. x


Oh Alexa that is a guft indeed - I do hope you don't mind - but I wish to keep both of those lovely quotes - especially the Dylan Thomas, I am in tears here, but I feel somehow that these words are something I must hold onto. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a lovely moving story. J x


She meant for you to find them, I just know it. My mom is gone almost two years now and seeing her handwriting is more heart wrenching sometimes than seeing her picture xo

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