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Friday, 01 November 2013


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My goodness Alexa, this is such beautiful journaling. It's like reading a literary work by a classical author beautifully illustrated with creatively taken photographs. Stunning post-just stunning. I felt as if I were there.

Paul B

Fantastic Journalling. You are a wizard with words and stories. Beautiful photos too. Love the colour of your tree. Great question about the way scrapbooking is going. Do you listen to the Paperclipping roundtable? Have you heard of Google trends? If you type scrapbooking into it, you'll see it waning and if you type project life, it's going up. There are still plenty of people who like to scrapbook in the traditional way. It's still the best way to creatively express yourself. Just to have the feel of paper and accessories and move them around. To choose colours and cut into paper. Project life, for me, is no different than putting together a photo album. It's a fad and it'll pass. Scrapbooking will always be there for those who love to tell stories and design and play. Pxx

Paul B

BTW Forgot to ask - have you updated to OSX Maverick? If so, what do you think? Pxx


What a lovely visit Alexa! Around here we enjoy Texas Toast and Mississippi Mud Pie - our recipes with place names. I do think Project Life has been really prevalent this year, although I'm not interested in it and continue with my 12x12 layouts and mini-albums. I think the excitement comes & goes in the industry, just as it does for us individually. I had a spell of not much crafting this year, but have really been productive at other times. I'm off now to sit on the patio - sun is shining, it's 72 degrees, a slight breeze is blowing, I'm in the middle of a good book, there's still lots of afternoon left . . . wish you could drop by!


Oh Alexa, how I have enjoyed my visit. I have totally lost my Scrapbooking mojo and not sure why, or how much I miss it. But in its place is a rediscovery of sewing. I would tell you how excited I have been to find a lovely store nearby with floor to ceiling fabrics, I have ever seen so many in one place. And I would confess to spending £35 here today! I am busy making quilted floor cushions for my niece's children and of course the squares for the friendship quilt. I cannot wait to make more and of course you are the next recipient!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah...my week is complete now that we've had this lovely visit. Reading your beautiful journaling is always such a treat, Alexa.

Even though I've dabbled in scrapbooking in the past, it's never something that I completely embraced, so I'm not feeling a loss where that is concerned. Truth be told, my interest in Project Life is kind of waning. And on the other hand, I am loving all the sewing that's going on around our circle of friends lately! I've been sewing since I was a little girl and I love coming back to it and making friendship quilt squares for some lovely ladies.

Have a lovely weekend, Alexa. Thanks for the tea and the washi tape! ;o)


Lovely to have a 'virtual' coffee (yes mine's a white coffee please) with you Alexa! As you've seen from my blog, I do a lot of sewing now, and less scrapbooking. I am off to my monthly crop tomorrow and am drumming up some enthusiasm. I have succumbed to Project Life to make things easier. I have the very same washi tapes though!


yes I've definitely noticed a waning online in both paper and digi scrapping worlds. I'm interested to see what trend catches on at the start of the year as lots of people seem to have a year long approach. I'm enjoying crochet at the moment and doing all my memory keeping digitally


I love to read your beautiful journalling, Alexa - I feel like I'm there with you. Lovely photos too!

Missus Wookie

Alexa - that was a lovely visit. I like the idea of light getting to certain areas of the house it doesn't usually and i like buildings and homes with interesting internal architecture :)

Hope the apples are delicious.


..and I'd be clapping my hands and telling you that MY copy of Farmhouse Cookery, which was an engagement present all those years ago, is still my favourite. I cooked for my first party from it and it still falls open at my favourite recipes. A lovely visit. Thank you.

Jacky S

Wow....I've still got my copy of Farmhouse Cookery.....and very messy and bedraggled it looks too after so many years of use.
I'm doing less scrapbooking [though I still enjoy it] and more of other crafts....the colder weather brings a yen for knitting and stitchery,I think.
And for me....paper and layers.....wins every time over digital or Project Life.


What a lovely visit we've had! I always enjoy my time with you. You've found some lovely Washi tape I've never seen. Yes, as you probably have figured out, I've started to embrace Project Life, but mostly because I just wasn't getting much scrapbooking completed at all. I'm struggling with how to document our fabulous trip to Istanbul. I recently pulled out our scrapbook from our cross-country trip and so enjoyed reliving it through the photos and the journaling. I'm wondering if I'll like a photo book as much, but I'm a bit intimidated by that process. I'm determined to make a decision soon, and would love to have it completed by the beginning of the year. I was once quite an accomplished seamstress, but despite all the activity on the blogs, it doesn't call to me at all. I wonder why. Thank you for the cup of tea!


Oh you write so well Alexa. I was smiling with you all the way through that. Thank you for the tape. That would bring a tear to my eye at your thoughtfulness!
As for scrapbooking? I sort of fell out of the traditional scrapbook world a while ago. I do feel like PL is on the rise and maybe people are more inclined to go for the simplicity of pocket scrapbooking. I don't know. It's interesting.

Thank you for stopping for tea with me this month.

Prairie Jill

Oh, what a lovely visit! So much good conversation, and a bit of laughter, too - perfect!

Looking forward to seeing you again next month.


I can say that it is just so lovely and peaceful to visit with you today ... I would lament my recent loss of blogging enthusiasm and my enthusiasm for scrapping started to wane well over a year ago ... the truth is, if I didn't adopt the simplistic form of a PL inspired diary type of scrapping for 2013 I wouldn't have done any at all.
I do agree with Paul though, the PL style of scrapping is just a current trend - and even though its simplicity lends itself to my natural style - the stories are still the most important part.

Lovely to visit ... I wonder what apple creations you'll come up with?

Wendy b

A pleasure to read Alexa, you do have a lovely way of writing.

You also ask some interesting questions. I've not done any scrapping for a couple of years now but I still have everything ready to go should I feel the inclination. I've not done project life, it never quite appealed to me but I can understand why it is so popular. I do have a creative void that needs something - I just don't know what IT is, oh dear!

Wendy x

sheena x

I'm so glad I visited you here today x
I've been a PL'er for the past 2 years & have certainly seen a decrease in 12x12 productivity whether this is temporary or permanent only time will tell...


Hi Alexa, thank you so much for a lovely cup of tea and chat today! I'm also a big fan of Apple Loves Mint tea, though I'll drink most teas/coffees/hot drinks, I'm not fussy :) I loved getting a little peek into your home too. I agree that PL is definitely the dominant trend in scrapbooking at the moment, and I do find myself admiring the lovely PL spreads popping up on blogs everywhere. However, I do still love my 12x12 layouts! Thanks again for the tea, and looking forward to seeing what you decide to use those windfall apples for!


Sorry I am late for tea, the awful weather you know, winds & wet snow for us, awful for driving through. No matter, I am here and welcome the offer of tea. Ah scrapping the old way or as it is now known, traditional scrapping. Choices are good but I certainly miss the stickers (lol) I think I will stay with the traditional way for now; I use computers in my job so much it is nice to get away from them. As always, I enjoy your photos and news. Now to get these boots back on and head out being thankful that I got my snow tires on earlier.


Gosh I am late for tea, I'd love camomile and spearmint if you have it! I still love my scrapbooking with paper and really am not interested in Project Life. I hope that people don't give up o. It completely - there are so many stories to be told which Project Life just cannot do justice to. Lovely photos and writing to go with it :-)

Yvonne Yam

Thanks for tea Alexa. I love my fruit teas. Yum.
And I love your washi tape selection. You know I have a lot of MT...lol


Hi Alexa! thanks for the tea and for these awesome pictures... I love your tree!!


Hi Alexa, Thanks so much for a lovely cup of ceylon tea, my favourite. I do drink a lot of it these days although I still also drink a lot of water. I love your tree, what a beautiful sight to greet you each morning. I haven't made a paper scrapbook page in ages. I still have all my stuff for when the mood strikes. I am stitching and felting at the moment, nothing grand but I really love it. I am struggling with blogging at the moment and I won't blog if I can't visit, and comment. I might give PL a try in the new year, I am so inspired by some of the blogs I visit. Someone told me it was seven weeks to Christmas! best get my skates on or the sewing machine warmed up. x Ps Your pictures are fabulous.

Jen Hart

Hi Alexa, a lovely piece of writing. I am not a tea person, but a lovely mocha or black coffee would be good.
I have been unable to blog or craft much lately because of time pressures (aka work :-) ) and I have missed it, but I have had time during my new commute to think a lot about it and what I want to do. I adore PL as it is a family project and my kids enjoy that where they don't enjoy 12x12's as much. I changed my 'style' at the beginning of the year to incorporate both pockets and 12x12's into my pl into an ongoing narrative, where I wasn't constrained by doing two sides of pockets each week but if I wanted to I could and add a couple of 12x12 pages to expand on the story. I loved it and I cannot wait to get back into it once work settles down. I have also been learning how to crochet and stitch and do other types of paper crafting. I hope traditional scrapbooking doesn't disappear but I have too sensed a decline. Project Life would be a good way in for younger memory-keepers, which may increase traditional scrapbooking in the long run. I know I found 12x12's very hard in the beginning whereas putting a photo in a pocket with a sticker on it and writing your journaling on a card and sticking a sticker on is much easier to start off with.
Well that was nice long cup of coffee! Hopefully I will have something to show you soon and hopefully you will find your way into something you enjoy soon too.


i'm so late i'll be finishing off my stone cold cuppa..a lovely visit. PL does seem to be all the rage and I am tempted x


That book sounds absolutely wonderful!!


What a lovely visit! Our colors seem to be more vibrant this year. I have found my breathe taken at the beauty of it as I drove around. The apples took me back to childhood and my grandparent's apple trees, thank you :) I think I am partial to the cancelled stamp washi tape. I do think there is a wane in traditional scrapbooking. I have so much I need to do I am going to have to get inspired. Fabrics and patterns seem to be pulling on me but I must be careful, I can see it being as much of a financial drain as scrapbooking.


What a lovely visit--you have the gift of hospitality for sure.

I was especially interested in how you connect recipes/dishes with places. I tend more to relate them to people and events. For example, we can't have (U.S.) Thanksgiving and the accompanying Macy's parade without also enjoying our own (decadent) version of bubble bread and hot chocolate. By the New Year, we've come to our senses with a more modest menu of fruit, scrambled eggs, and homemade English muffin bread.

I do love this time of year, though it is difficult to stay on the "straight and narrow" diet-wise during the holiday season.


What a lovely visit! There are so many things I like about this post. My tea often needs to be reheated so I really don't know how much I rink, either. I, too, am fascinated with the cycle of the seasons, how thins change and how they stay the same. Those are the nicest kinds of apples. And layers! We'd be talking about what new knitting projects I need to create for my next sojourn into winter country (as I live in south Florida...) And it's never too late to start. :)


I know I'm late and I suspect the tea is very stewed and stone-cold, but I did enjoy my visit.
Re scrapbooking, I'm noticing that more "professionals" are dabbling in digital and that's not for me. I'm in my 3rd year of PL and I still make traditional 12x12 pages ~ I can't ever see that changing.


What a delightful visit that was. I haven't noticed a waning in digital scrapbooking but definitely in traditional, especially with all the local scrapbooking stores having shut down leaving only online or Michaels and now hearing that yet another scrapbooking magazine is closing down.

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