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Friday, 15 November 2013


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

You know, Alexa, I always love reading your words, but your posts around the 15th of the month are my favorites! I laughed when I read that you hoped Himself's words were "Some wine for you?" Sounds like you've had a bit of an inconvenient week with electrical issues - no fun! But how lovely to be receiving quilt squares to keep you happily distracted. I mailed mine to you on Wednesday of this week. :) Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you enjoyed that glass of wine!


I love how you have described Himself! And I shall look forward to seeing all your quilt squares together.


Oh Alexa, sounds like lots going on over at your place - what a bummer the repairs didn't get completed, but how wonderful that Himself is cooking up something good! Enjoy your weekend.


Oh Alexa!...I DO hope your electrical issues are sorted soon and that you enjoyed that glass of wine. It sounds as though some of our fellow quilters are more organised than I...I have the material here, but as yet haven't even as much as cut it..a job for the weekend methinks,
Alison xx

Jen Hart

Beautiful description of frustration. I hope you get it sorted out. Our sparky is coming on monday evening to fix why every time we turn the hob on the downstairs circuit trips out leaving the children without internet or television, sigh, how they howl.

Paul B

I'd have no hair left to pull out if there were electrical repairs going on. I totally feel for you. Another brilliant SAM story. Love the different style of this entry, how it's more broken up and not following a straight timeline in it's telling. Beautiful autumnal photo too. Perfectly captures what it looks like around here. Have a good weekend. Pxx


Wonderful post - frustrations always come in groups to party together, don't they? Seems like wine is called for!

Fiona@staring at the sea

I hope you got that glass of wine Alexa, it certainly sounds like you needed it! So happy that the little squares of peachy goodness are arriving to cheer you.


I hope that darkness is sorted out for good very soon. This is a heartfelt wish from the woman who failed to turn on the light in her own hall a moment ago..and promptly fell over an abandoned vacuum cleaner!

Jacky S

Sounds like you need that glass of wine.....but so glad the patchwork squares are cheering you up.....mine will be on its way soon.

Missus Wookie

As a woman who has had to deal with lofts, electrical problems etc. I feel for you and hope it is easily sorted and you got both dinner and a glass of wine.

Julie K

Oh Alexa - sorry to hear you've been having a trial-by-electrical-fault! I hope it's all sorted very soon so calm can be restored. That said - you've painted quite a romantic 'Out of Africa' picture - with your mosquito nets and hurricane lamps.

n the midst of helping prepare for a party yesterday I totally forgot to deliberately record a moment ... but on reflection I know just the moment I'm going to retrospectively capture ... it was vivid enough for me to remember! I hope to get it written soon. x


Oh Alexa, it sounds like things are still giving you grief. Funny how life does this sometimes, just hang in there, it will get better. One day.
I smiled when I read about the fines for the library book. I know that only too well. I owe £20 and I have now given up and buy books instead.


I do hope it was wine on offer too! So excited to hear that your squares are arriving from near and far - I can't wait to see them all in a future post. Fingers crossed your electrical issues are sorted, how annoying.
I read this post with interest, my trusty kenwood hand mixer died last weekend and I was going to replace it with the latest model. Maybe I should 'test drive' one in the shops before doing an on line order!


You write so beautifully, I can hear the tone in your voice. I hope it will soon be sorted for you. I have a hand held Kenwood and wish I had taken it back, probably would have if I could lift it.... A glass of something with your name on it, a woman after my own heart. I really like this LO, could I lift it?


But of course you can, Miriam! I am touched and flattered it counts as a LO, being only a photo and a couple of columns of text :).


LOL :)and sounds like a good plan! I am going to go to a store where I can pick them up to feel the weight and also check how easy the buttons are to manipulate.


Written so beautifully Alexa......It's surprising how much mess can be made when something goes wrong. I hope you are not left in the dark for too much longer x


I do hope that you soon have light again. Beautifully written once again :-)


You write so beautifully Alexa, I almost feel like I'm there with you in the darkness! Hoping your electrical issues get sorted soon, and enjoy that glass of wine - you deserve it! :D


I always love these.

Prairie Jill

What a week! Hope things are going more smoothly.

Love reading these "moment" posts!


I hope your next week improves Alexa. I love your writing. I was right there with you. Yes I agree about the guilt squares. I felt very very loved for an entire month. It was lovely!


I felt as we were snuggled up on a couch together and you were quietly saying all this to me. I'd love the title and author of the GF cookbook. I hope to share a moment tomorrow.


I do love how you make the potentially mundane events sound interesting and, dare I say, exciting. You have such a way with words. Delightful to read.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Hope the electrical problem thoughts turned into deeds and you now have full illumination. A beautiful photo and sweet glimpse into your world. TFS


I have just received my beautiful ornament Alexa, thank you so much x


You have the gift of detailed description without seeming burdensome. I'm at your shoulder as your write, glancing up at the ceiling to see what might happen next, listening to the kitchen clatter, etc. I hope that glass of whatever materialized for you...


I've been away from m blog as well, but i'm looking forward to joining in this month.


Hi Alexa, as always, I enjoyed your writing! and I love the picture... these beautiful colors... I suppose this is one of the main reasons why fall is my season

Karen Walker

I love these moments with you! I'm a week late reading this, enjoying your writing and vivid pictures in my mind as I enjoy my Friday night glass of wine.


I hope the next week was better and the light issue has been solved. Did you find a new handmixer that was more to your liking?

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