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Friday, 08 November 2013


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Love the monochrome of this page, and as always your crisp graphic style! Also very much like the idea of the month in numbers - which might turn up in my journal one of these days .... thanks for the inspiration.
PS So sorry I don't come by more often.

Missus Wookie

I'm always tempted by these monthly reviews - may try them next year. Do like the statue pose copying :)

Julie K

That's a big discrepancy in sunshine levels - you must be clinging on dearly to those holiday memories by now!

I love the snapshots into your month there's a lot of 'life' happening in them. And how nice of the chef to have added that special birthday touch for your Dad. [I'm wondering what the etiquette is re: mopping-up your birthday message with a chunk of bread!]

Thanks so much for finding enough daylight to write and share this! I've saved you to the board now Alexa: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy November - have a wonderful spa experience!

Julie x

Jacky S

I love how you've designed the page....and the muted tones are perfect for a dismal [weather wise] month....you definately weren't imagining that weather!!!


Enjoy your visitors!

I love the muted colours. I'd paint our entire house grey if I thought I could get away with it

Paul B

Lovely page Alexa, gorgeous sepia colouring. It works brilliantly with white. Very chic. Have fun with your full house and spa treat :) Wouldn't mind one of those myself :) (feeling envious lol) Pxx


Love the muted colours of this page. I enjoyed reading about your month in numbers x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

So many fantastic little details on this page, Alexa. It's always a pleasure to see your artwork. Have a lovely weekend!


Love the idea of posing like the statue. No wonder it has been feeling so grey with so much less sunshine, although november is shining well so far


Alexa, this is gorgeous! I love the sepia photos against the clean white paper, and your journalling is so great. The postal touches are also wonderful. Thanks for sharing x


I am loving your blog presentation today Alexa, it looks so smooth and polished.


I love capturing life from time to time in numbers. It's such a wonderful way of looking at things.


Your heading for this post is fabulous, and so is the layout. I love the B&W photos and the arrangement of them on the page. Your statistics on the rain and sunshine are perfect for this post! I always hope I'll keep track of such things, but forget as the month whirls by. Then I read others' lists and wish I'd been more conscientious.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Wonderful peep into your month - this album will be a quite marvellous recap of the year in pictures, words and numbers.

Julie Jeavons

Muted, but still shining. Hope your weekend is everything you hoped. I'm sure you turned the lack of lights into fun.


Beautiful page! We tend to take photos of us imitating statues, too! LOL


This is my favourite page for MiN, love it, love it, love it!


Great capture of your month :-)


That is a beautiful way to display your photos. I love the filter on them and the white edges. I wanted to let you know that your quilt block is in my head however I haven't got a sewing machine so as soon as I get home I will sew it up and send it on. I hope that that is ok and won't hold your sewing up! x


I was completely taken in by your opening description - you write in such a lovely way Alexa. And the page maybe be muted in color, but it is vibrant in real life moments. Thanks for sharing.


you have captured your numbers wonderfully. Your page is gorgeous with the B&W photos x


That is a lovely page, Alexa. The photos are just beautiful, I love the one of your Dad (I assume it's your Dad)and how lovely to have Happy Birthday written around the plate. Some interesting numbers there, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and spa.


Buy comfortable shoes was a perfect addition to my secrets of adulthood list. I wish I could wear all the snazzy new styles. Can't - I stand all day long. Must go for comfort.


Love the muted approach to this project and you got some big numbers in there! (except for the amount of sunshine :(

Prairie Jill

I love reading these "numbers" posts! I also love the muted colours - very pretty and, as you said, very suited to the season!

Yvonne Yam

LOVE this. The muted colours is perfect. And I love the recording in numbers!


Love the colors (or lack thereof) in this!

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