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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


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If you are saying it, then I'll say it too -take better care of yourself :) I think I can smell those beautiful roses from here..


Sorry but the dropping of the ipad bit did make me smile - sort of thing I would do. I've only just started my blogging again and was wanting to join in with this lovely idea. Was a bit ahead of myself and posted it on Monday (for a completely different date as well) BUT I promise that I will do better next month. Thank you.


It's incredible how you can have so many things in your head at the same time!!!! I really enjoyed your october simply a moment, not only the reading, but also the nice and colorful design. Love the typo! which font did you use for the color letters in the test and the title?
thanks a lot for this

Jacky S

What Sian said.....and hoping you are soon fully recovered.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I have to admit to a twitch of the lips picturing you with the ipad. Be kind to yourself Alexa x

Paul B

Ooch! Sounds sore. Hope you are on the mend and that life calms down for you a spot too. Lovely journaling and a gorgeous colourful photo to draw you in. Pxx

Deb @ PaperTurtle

LOVE your layout and design for this month's moment, Alexa. Your words are always so beautifully written, and this particular piece is very poignant. I'm sorry to admit that I did laugh when I read your line about dropping the iPad on your nose. Not because it's funny really, but because that is totally something I would do!

I have a post ready to publish tomorrow, so I'll be back then to link up!

Helena C

beautiful words, as ever, even when feeling poorly. Hope all is improving and you make it to the conference


You write beautifully. Get better soon Alexa. I know how it feels to drop a phone on my nose whilst lying in bed. Surprisingly painful!


Such lovely flowers and a delightful post! Love the colors and the sensations you evoke. I do so hope you get to spend the weekend with your daughter- as someone who's been pretty much grounded these past four weeks (thank goodness for family and friends who have ferried me), I can't tell you how much good it does to the psyche to get out and be among others.
Enjoy the weekend.


Beautiful flowers, Alexa, and I like the colourful fonts that compliment your photo.
As always, beautifully written and your words always touch me. I must join in this month.
Goodness, it sounds like you have been having a difficult time! I hope your injuries soon heal and that life resumes in a more settled phase.
Thinking of you x


Hi Cris and lovely to see you and thank-you for popping in. The 'flowery' font is called Amelie (and is free, I think, here: http://fontzone.net/font-details/amelie) and the one for the main part of the text is Avenir LT Com. I think I might have bought this one years ago - I do like it a lot for its clarity and simplicity :).


Oh Alexa...I know only too well how hip pain feels. I hope you heal quickly. those ipads are pretty heavy so I can imagine how sore your nose is too. Poor you, take is easy and dose yourself up on the ole pain killers xx


I'm not planning to give up on you at all - in fact, I can understand how you feel!

Thank you for linking me, I have been absent for so long I forgot and wasn't sure if you were planning to link this month.

I'm not pleased to hear about your hip - it sounds mighty uncomfortable and I hope it makes steady improvement. As for the sore nose ... well, it is a little bit funny ... only because I can empathise!


Alexa, I hope the bright colors of the floral bouquet brightened your mood a bit and that you are mending from your separate ailments. Talk about adding insult to injury!! And I'm guessing you were in bed because of the hip injury--because I don't have the impression you spend a lot of time laying around. Anyway, I do hope you're feeling well enough to attend the conference you mentioned and that it will be just the lift you need.


So much to say but not here. Just that your moment is so beautifully written and the ipad incident made me smile.

Barbara Eads

Your bouquet---and moment(s)----are lovely!

Julie K

Hoping the nose and hip are healing well now. And, as always, wishing you everything you need to gently navigate your way through your days at the moment, especially with your Dad. I've got my moment scheduled for tomorrow so will pop back in the next few days to link it up. Keep smelling the roses! x


I too have dropped the ipad on my nose whilst looking at it in bed! Another beautiful piece of writing. Hope you are on the road to recovery now and that things settle down in your life for a while x


Oh, I always love these posts of yours. You are a poet of the everyday.


I do hope you're feeling easier, Alexa..yes indeed you must take care of yourself just as much as you do those around you!...a beautifully written moment as always my friend!
Alison xx


I hope you are getting better Alexa and that you made the conference.


Take care lovely and definitely, no need to multi task to leave comments though you visit always make me smile.


I concur that the iPad incident was smile-worthy but ouch! Hope you are feeling better soon.


I so hope you are feeling better and were able to comfortably make the conference. I love how you described the sky it immediately brought a picture to my mind. OK - note to self - do not read the iPad while lying in bed.

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