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Monday, 16 September 2013


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Paul B

Beautiful Journaling as always Alexa. Your ability to focus in on the details is wonderful. And the layout, professional in look and perfection. Pxx


Ditto to all Paul's comments, and I simply love the way you've used the red capitals to begin each paragraph. (For the life of me I can't remember the name of that technique! But it's wonderful here.)


I recognise that twin push to put off signs of autumn and not liking to be cold. Enjoy your holiday


I tried to get through to the end of September without resorting to tights but had to give in last week.
Northern Mallorca - is it Puerto Pollensa that you are heading towards? Such a lovely part of the island. You won't need socks there! I'm sure the sunshine will do you all good. How lucky to still be travelling like that at 90. A lovely moment captured.


ooh just what is needed as the weather turns much cooler...some time away. Have a lovely break. A lovely moment alexa x


I'm back..just to say thank you. I've joined in this month x


You write beautifully Alexa. Yes, I am struggling with the cold too. I know that cracking out the jumpers now means giving in to basically six months of woolies!


Enjoy your holiday, sounds like it is well earned? I love your extended journalling. Isn't it funny how the small everyday moments can make interesting reading. We are in the opposite change of seasons and oscillating between warm and cold weather. At the moment we cannot avoid popping back into our winter woolies even though we've had T-shirt weather as well this week.


Oh my! You take "my washing machine broke" to a whole other sphere!! Magic! Have a lovely trip with your father.

Missus Wookie

Hail???? Ugh on the socks, I've had to give in recently too. Kenwoods - love mine, my Mom recently replaced the one she inherited from my Gran - her MIL who had bought it in the 50s they think. The repair men actually asked to keep it as it was so old :) Have a wonderful time away.


Another lovely post Alexa - Northern Majorca - it's my favourite part of that island - love Puerto Pollenca and Alcudia - so very beautiful. I have had to give in to the socks too!! so that did make me smile!! Have a wonderful holiday! J x


Beautiful focus on those little details..as I read "unplug the charger" I could feel that little pop it gives when it comes away from the phone. So nicely rendered.

Jacky S

I feel the same about socks....though today I've been sorely tempted. My Magimix has given slightly more years of service and will only switch off directly at the socket now.....I should replace it....but am somehow very loathe to do so.
Enjoy your holiday....I love northern Majorca.


I've given in to socks and today I'm actually wearing tights! No more bare legs with a dress until Spring, I think. All those small nuances making up the whole ~ the age of your machine, unplugging the charger, your dad snoozing, socks or not, the holiday ~ all perfectly drawn together.


So beautifully written, as always, Alexa! No socks here for another month or so at least!

BTW - yes, I'm planning to do a few more canvases as I'm inspired. I really enjoy the change & actually have a few ideas for Christmas gifts - we'll see if those pan out! :>)


Lovely writing Alexa...and I too am battling the impulse for socks although this morning, I am wearing my wool clog slippers. Thank you for the lovely glimpse this morning!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Always a fantastic read, Alexa. Just lovely!

Yvonne Yam

You sure have a knack for writing Alexa.
Socks for you for sure!
It's 30 degrees for me in Singapore...lol


Beautiful writing and picture Alexa, I relented and put socks on at the weekend!

The Reader

Love this...you make the harried, hurried days/mornings sound so non-mundane. What a gift for writing you have! Happy to join this blog-hop; I love being forced to reflect on a moment in this way.


A lovely moment captured again. Hope that you have a wonderful time in Mallorca.


You always draw me right in Alexa.
The contrast in weather is so sudden it is hard to know what to wear one moment to another! Brrr.......
I hope you manage to get on top of everything before you enjoy your trip to warmer climates. And as for Kenwoods, they are expensive but it sounds like you had good use from yours. My son has details of where you can have them repaired/renovated for about £150.


This is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful image. Terrific layout. Powerful words.


You wrap such a lot into these posts...it's a joy to catch up with you during these "moments." I had to look up the celsius-to-farenheit conversion to determine just how chilly it was there. I agree with your conclusion: it's definitely time to add socks to your wardrobe. Have a good and (warm) time on your vacation--hope all goes well.


I may not get over here as often as I'd like but when I do, I get lost in your words. I love how you write and it's always a pleasure and an inspiration. yes, socks.


I know what you mean about socks. I am resisting putting on tights for work. I had to move to closed toed shoes though I noticed some of my colleague are still in sandals. I hope you are all warming up in the sun.


Hi Alexa! love your photo and your writing (as always). Hope you'll have (or had by now) a super good holidays in Mallorca, at least they will be warmer that those 6.5ºC!!
big hugs


I have decided you must write a novel, Alexa! When I get to the end of these posts I want to keep reading. I hope you have an absolutely glorious and warm vacation :)

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