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Thursday, 19 September 2013


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Paul B

Excellent! Well done on completing the list. Love your photos esp the candles. And that bench looks wonderful. Where was it taken? Pxx


OMG! A bench that looks like a comfy oversized sofa - how cool is that???!!!!


You've got me throwing my head back and laughing. Never works for me!

Brilliant. I'm still not completely finished up, but I have a few days left yet..


Oh Well Done on completing the project - I need to get busy and pull my shots together for a final round up - bet get cracking! I love, love, love that bench - where is it?? J x


Oh well done Alexa. Meanwhile that bench is amazing. Love it. Pickled pear candles sound fabulous. Will have to look out for that. I love fragrances round the house.


These are fantastic! I've had to get a substitute myself. Will be posting my simple moment soon (probably after the scavenger hunt round up this weekend).
See you this weekend for the final check in and link up,

Julie Jeavons

Absolutely love your bench. And where is that sundial? Land of the Giants?


That's one super cool bench! The cloud shot gave me a huge amount of trouble, too. It's a lovely sundial, even if it is rather on the tall side!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

One of the things that makes Rinda's photography scavenger hunt so much fun is seeing everyone's unique takes on the prompts. LOVE the sundial, and your "bench" is fantastic too. I did find all 21 items, and it's interesting that I did not find the two substitute items at all.


Oooh that is a very nice bench...I thought it was stone at first. Great photos x


I love that chair. It is so fab and that sundial is crazy!

Missus Wookie

Oh I like that sundial for it's weirdness factor but love that couch aka bench. Well done on getting them all!


Love the bench and your sundial made me laugh


You have captured some winning shots there Alexa. The last is my favorite for a couple of reasons - both sitter and settee.


Your sundial is brilliant, still laughing! Now, I think your bench is a winner...it is fabulous. Well done for completing the Scavenger Hunt


your bench looks like a real huge comfy sofa wow! Well done on all your pictures I need to blog the 2nd half of mine still! xxx

Karen Walker

I had to substitue a sundial for the clouds as well. Wonderful captures. I love that bench, especially with you sitting on it. That's one huge bench!


Number 12 completely cracks me up!!


Congrats on finishing the scavenger hunt--well done!

That sundial must have been meant for giants! Otherwise what were they thinking? And your hybrid capture of the unintentionally funny sign is genius.


Great photos - congrats on finishing up the hunt! I especially like the bench!!


Great bench photo! And that sundial was unbelievable - obviously meant for a giant!


The sundial is indeed built for giants!!! But that bench is so unique and fun! Thank you for sharing your last finds with us! I have enjoyed playing as much as I have enjoyed discovering everyone's shots :)

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