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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


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Missus Wookie

I like both windmills and think that bridge is temptingly pretty. Agreeing on the weather - gentle fall temps would be nicer!

Helena C

fab windmill and how often do we get to say 'this is me with a guillotine in hand' - when I read it the French revolution type came to mind !! good to see you back in blogland


Beautiful photos! I still need to do the self-portrait one, and we've had days and days of fluffy white clouds with nary an object in sight! It's been fun looking, though.

Paul B

Wow! Doing well with the scavenger hunt. Beautiful photos, especially the one of you in the garden, smiling. Pxx


Fab photos - lovely one of you!


I thought the wonderful angle on the bridge photo was my favourite until I saw that crazily amazing windmill :)


Great photos Alexa! I especially like the fence & the windmill. The photo of you outside crafting is wonderful - it's way too HOT for that here still! :(


You look so happy Alexa! Love the crafty photo. And your second windmill is so pretty.


I love the one of you at the end! Such a beautiful surrounding. Also really, really love the windmills and reindeer. I need to get out to the zoo (or find a sun dial).
Sorry to hear about the need for sad travels.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I love the traditional windmill, there's jut something special about seeing one. But my favourite is the shot of you smiling in the garden :o)


Oh! the bridge is just beautiful, as are you smiling among the flora.


The fence is gorgeous and so is the stone windmill. Nice job--and it sounds like you had fun along the way, which makes it even better.


These are all lovely Alexa, the contrast of the tradition and modern windmill especially caught my attention. As did the guillotine - I hope you were careful to hold the blade upright while you looked at the camera!
Sorry to hear about the sad journeys to family and hope everything is as well as can be. It's lovely to have you back here, I've missed you.
I agree on the weather. I had a lovely surprise when I got home from work - a blazing log burner. I love the smell and the cosiness. One compensation for the colder and darker evenings. xxx

Jacky S

The cloud photo is pretty elusive here as well.....the photo of you in such peaceful surroundings is lovely.


I love the Baltic windmill it looks like it landed here from outer space.Our heating went on today and winter coat came out the cupboard as well. Lovely photo of you outside enjoying the warmer weather. I must find and finish off my last few photos before the 21st. Take care.


There are some beautiful photos here, thanks for sharing! I think my favourite is the bridge, the straight lines and curves and light peeking through the trees is just lovely!


The windmills are lovely and look great paired together. Sweet picture of you too. Although, confession, I glanced at it at first and didn't see the guillotine so I thought it was you holding some crazy sword! Artistic tool indeed!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh gosh your windmills are fantastic, as are those beautiful deer! My favorite is the photo of you! :o)


Both windmill shots are fab, as is the one of the deer.


Oooh that cloud photo is a hard one to get! Great photos, love the windmills too x


Ohhh love these photos!!! I'm so envy of your little craft corner...

Julie Jeavons

I may be wrong but I think I recognise the windmill. Is it by any chance a little closer to Derby than you are? Near a garden centre / nursery. It seems vaguely familiar, from an almost forgotten trip to visit an ex-work colleague.


I prefer the old windmill myself and I love the perspective of the fence photo... my favorite though is you on your gorgeous little patio with a dangerous looking tool! :)


Well hello YOU! Nice to meet you face to face, so to speak ... and I share your wistful feelings regarding those days outside. Love your windmills.


I love that picture of you and what a neat looking porch. At first I thought wow that's a strange looking knife she has in her hand and then read what it was. :) What a really neat looking fence!

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