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Saturday, 24 August 2013


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Fiona@Staring at the Sea

We like plenty of inky here and a bit of wonky jut adds character in my book x

Missus Wookie

Lovely angles and stamping here.

Hope the roof ridges survive the repair and the magpies (Wookie throws teabags at them as 'self composting missiles' ;)

Bit wonky and inky could describe my pages too - as long as we're not going too wonky or inky of course ;)


Oh, my life is oh-so-wonky!
Great post today Alexa.


I love your wonky and inky!!!! Is it a stamp you used or doodling on the top and bottom of your page? I LOVE it! I also love the different angles of your photos, it is a perfect score for me! :)


Inky and wonky, what a great blog post title. And your posts never disappoint Alexa.


Yes it is different to your normal straight line style but I love it too and I really love the stamps you've used with the mix of colours.


it might be wonky and inky, but still has pleasing lines and neatness in the text placement.

your husband makes me laugh :-)


Great page Alexa.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week and your kind words of encouragement. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and lets hope its sunny!

Candace x


I like wonky and inky too. Or "coggley" and inky as we sometimes say round here. A word for saying rather than spelling, by the looks of things :)

Beautiful page


I think the wonky and the inky look great!!!


It seems like the unifying theme is "a day well spent." Love the stamping.


You have captured such a beautiful and funny moment Alexa. Your post and page made me smile today.


He is good - he takes an interest. the wonky and inky look marvelous x


What a great post Alexa and a great looking page.


I LOVE wonky and inky - you've done it so well! And I love hearing the exchanges between you and Himself. At least he pretends to be interested... I usually get "that's nice" said by the guy who isn't even looking at whatever "that" happens to be.


Love your interaction and journaling! That tunnel looks great fun to cycle through - though I'd have to put on my big girl knickers. I don't like the dark when I don't know what is there.
And yes - wonky and inky is good. The shapes do give energy - and interest!
Hope the tiles are now nicely cemented :)

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa,
What a great post, I love the way you tell a story; full of great little details that keep you reading. I also think you have a great eye when it comes to photography, your picture work so well with each other.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

This is so sweet, Alexa. I love the way you have documented your conversation here. And I totally dig your inky and wonky images! Very artistic and fun to look at.

Julie Jeavons

LOL, I have a wonky and painty page I haven't got round to posting yet. I have a tile missing from my kitchen roof - do you think I could borrow Himself for an afternoon?


Wow, I am impressed that he noticed all that! I still cannot do that much wonkiness and tilt. Gorgeous page, the stamping really set it off.


I just love your repartee ...always brings a smile as I read. Fun layout. Fun post. Fun!



I love my art a little wonky. Life, too, come to think of it.

Yvonne Yam

Lovely page. Love how you "framed" it with the stamping at the top and bottom. Great way to remember a conversation.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

I love these conversations - wonky and inky is good from time to time.
Hope the roof was fixed.


Great conversation recorded and it might not be your usual style but it is lovely!


Hello Alexa, just catching up today. Your scavenger hunt pictures are gorgeous, as is the pilot, I have to agree. Your page might be wonky and inky but it is still very you. I love it! Hope all is well with you?

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