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Thursday, 15 August 2013


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What a lovely moment & a surprise meeting!


I love this moment Alexa because I have a fair headed little girl who would also be most perplexed if someone was sitting in front of the number she needed to see!


PS - I am taking a visual moment this month.


Ahh! a lovely story and a sweet meeting x


You have such a gift for capturing your moments so perfectly.

Missus Wookie

Oh beautifully told - ostrich or flamingo.... yep I can see someone getting those confused :lol: Hope you had a lovely cup of tea with your Dad.


Simply beautiful Alexa.


Just love reading about your moments Alexa.

Julie K

This was so lovely. I was right there, shuffling along the bench with you. And it's reminded me I haven't made a note of an encounter I had with a little boy last week [also bird related!] ... will scurry off to write it down now.

I've drafted my post and will share it ASAP. xx

Jacky S

Such a lovely moment,Alexa.

Paul B

Beautiful layout with skilful story telling in your journalling. Love the photo of the drinks. ahh how many times have I sat & enjoyed those particular ones myself. A little shop in Marple sells them and we treat ourselves occasionally on a warm day. Have a good weekend. Pxx


It's an absolute pleasure, as always, to drop in on your "moment" and enjoy

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Every month I read your piece, and every month I wish for an additional moment. I always want your stories to continue! This one is as lovely as ever, Alexa.

Amy and I are on the same wavelength this month, as I used a photo to document a moment as well.

Have a lovely weekend!


What a lovely story, you described it so well.


So cool Alexa! I can imagine the face of the little girl...


I've just discovered your blog and this lovely meme. Such a fabulous idea and beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing :)


I had to smile at your having to remember to spell phonetically...and then laughed when it turned out to be an ostrich!...a perfect moment as always, Alexa!
Alison xx


You have the most interesting moments! What an encounter and I was pleased that she remembered to say "thank you" even if things were a little touchy at the outset.


You are such a gifted storyteller Alexa - a lovely moment in the park with you - thank you so much. J x


What a lovely moment :)


A lovely story Alexa, and as always you pulled me right in.
I'm glad you could help the little girl with her challenge.


What a great story! I love the description of the girl as she plops her foot next to you . . . perfect! And what a fantastic ending.


You have such a talent for appreciating these moments--and I'm sure you made that little girl's day much brighter for your kindness and patience.

Yvonne Yam

:) You are such a storyteller!


I think these simple moments all collected will turn out to be one of your life's treasures.

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