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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

Your photos are all beautiful, Alexa, but your sunset photo may be my favorite of all of those I've seen so far. Such beautiful depth and color and yummy light. Plus, it's fun to see your surroundings that look so very different from mine. Very nice!

Missus Wookie

I love that Himself travels with a hammock - that is on my 'would love but don't need' list for the next house, a swing would do too...

Jacky S

That is a stunning sunset.....and a hammock that travels everywhere....wow!


That is a wonderful tower, what a view. I think we've all really enjoyed hunting these down. Good luck cloud hunting!

Paul B

Beautiful photos Alexa. Love the hexagonal tower, looks so peaceful there by the reservoir. Hope you manage to complete the list before Summer comes to a close. Pxx

Julie Jeavons

Beautiful sunset. I'll pass your suggest on to Severn Trent - a little smaller than their usual visitor centres.


Gorgeous photos Alexa, the tower and sunset are my favourites, but I do love them all!


A beautiful collection of photos Alexa - and like others I am taken with the sunset and the tower. I really need to organise another Scavenger Hunt post - though I am struggling to find my last few. J x


Wonderful photos! I love the sunset. You're making lots of progress. Looking fwd to seeing the next set.



Oh my! I think you have my favourite sunset!
TE prides himself on hammock sleeping - it is his preferred method when camping.


Your photos have a lovely restful quality to them.Very relaxing!


You have captured such unique images Alexa. My favourite is that sunset. The view is incredible.


That sunset photo is spectacular - absolutely LOVE it! And napping in a hammock? Something I've never tried!


Great photos Alexa! I am in awe of that sunset photo with the flares!!!


The sunset photo is stunning!

Yvonne Yam

Love your captured interpretations of the prompts. How nice it must be to catch a nap in a hammock when the weather's perfect. He looks very comfortable.


I think the scavenger hunt looks like loads of fun and Amy's photos were amazing in her town she grew up in. Your photos are amazing as well and I love the sunset photo the best but the theatre at night looked incredible as well. Love seeing the same subject but in different photos around the blogs.

Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog/s and I am really looking forward to Week in the Life (WITL) this year. It so happens that the 15th September is my birthday so a nice way to end although this birthday ends in a zero and one that I would rather be very quiet about. I have never had any problems with zero birthdays but this one...ummm not keen at all. By the way the 2010 WITL pages were Ali's digital templates. The first time I did by my self a WITL was in 2008 and I used word and printed it out on plain photocopy paper. I had no idea about templates, digital brushes (which still that word sounds weird, even digital stamp makes more sense to me but that's just me). Each year I have done a nicer version and last year's format is the best and I'll keep the same format for 2013.

Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Great shots - I quite like the tower. While I scout for shots on vacation, I am always amazed of the things right around home that I've never take a picture.


Lovely photos and I love the tower!


It seems you're doing a great job--and reading your commentary is as much fun as seeing the photos. Good luck with the rest of the hunt.


Great collection of pics and what a sensible fella! I must get a hammock to keep available in my glove compartment...

And yes, I totally agree, that tower is a wonderful place and what a waste its not used too.

Thanks for popping by my own blog, Alexa.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend



The sunset and tower are both stunning! And the nap looks so peaceful.


Great photos - that sunset is gorgeous!

Andy Lean

A wonderful set of photographs, I really love the sunset vivid colours to the contrast of the tower with the calmness of the view. Just naturally beautiful. I can't wait to see your photographs for the hunt, next time.


What a beautiful sunset and I like your idea for that wonderful tower.


Oh, that tower - that tower. I am dreaming now.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Not long to go now - good luck with the rest of them!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Ooops meant to say I love the idea of renting that tower - glorious and the rest of the photos are brilliant too!

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