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Friday, 09 August 2013


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great photos and I love the way you made space for them in your day book! I'm thinking of putting mine in a one or two page digi layout grid format so they are all together. Because for me it is less about the individual photos (although I'm trying to make each one the best I can) and more about the communal activity that I want to share as a story in my scrapbook. Last year I included each individual photo in my personal album.


I've been wondering how to combine my photos as well - I have to agree with Cheri, finding a way to convey the communal approach is what I want to have recorded, over and above the photos themselves.
Love the colour in your shots Alexa, the taupes, muted browns and blues are lovely ... even the golden light from the evening shot!


Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. I was just a little tires last week and with my Rheumatoid arthritis making it hard to walk I was feeling sorry for myself. All back to normal and thought gone from my kind. I was given these challenges to deal with because I am able to and they will stretch and improve my abilities o tackle other challenges in the future.

Hope you are well.

Each year I keep saying I will join in with the photo challenge and never do. One year I will!


Great photos - I especially like the dinosaur as that was one I thought would be challenging to everyone!

I'm hoping to create a small mini-book for my photos . . . however I still have last year's photos in the envelope they came in waiting to be put in a mini-book! Hmmm . . . maybe time to get moving on that project!


I love, love, love seeing how everyone is putting their photos together. You have great photographs! I especially love the open air market (and I so would have bought a basket too!). The opera house is also gorgeous. And I love the font you chose for your album.

Julie K

Of course you bought one! how could you not?! Your photos are so very you Alexa.

Last year I planned to make a mini album with mine - then other things took over. This year ... I'm already working on several mini albums [+ it will be a miracle to get them all completed!] ... but I would like to do *something* with them.

Hope you're feeling a little brighter today. x


Mine will be a collage and then I will also print out the blog at the end of the year so they will be included there with the stories. I love your shots, especially the lights in the opera house and the scarves.


Lovely pics, Alexa....I think mine shall go into a collage and in my 2013 album....which, I must confess is sadly lacking on pages at the moment!
Alison xx


I like your thinking on this and you have encouraged me to try a bit harder to grab some time to create a way of keeping my pictures together. Your photos are as lovely as ever: I do like that dinosaur

Paul B

What an inspired idea to create the space for future photos. Love the thinking behind it. Beautiful photos too - lovely seeing someone's pics of places you know. Hope you can fill in more of your pages this weekend :) Pxx

Missus Wookie

I've created digi pages for the Legoland photos and plan to put them in the Legoland bit of our album - with a bit of explanatory text. The rest - I quite like having them all tagged on the blog and don't plan anything else with them for the moment. I've thought about picking some favourites and doing a page about the community aspect and how I've discovered new e-maginery friends through this :)

Jacky S

I've always made a mini album with them....but this year I'm thinking about a collage....so that they can go in my 2013 album.
I love the wicker stall.....I would definately have bought something....in fact I just need a wicker laundry basket to complete my new bathroom.


I'm not participating in Rinda's scavenger hunt, but I appreciate your encouragement to do something with challenge photos. My biggest enjoyment(and one you obviously excel at) is building a word story for an image. I'm not doing as much scrapbooking these days as I once did, but I want condense all my posts into annual blurb (or similar) books.


Lovely photographs, and I love your lettering! Last year I put them in two collages and did a double page spread for my scrapbook, and I'm thinking I'll do the same again. I should be able to cross off one of the last three I need tomorrow. The last two will be the hardest, but I hope I'll find something on our road trip and week in Chicago.


You're doing well. I love the scarves and all that wicker I'm impressed you only bought one. I think I may Picasa collage mine and do a LO although a small mini book sounds good as well. Things to think about while I hunt down my last 8.

Yvonne Yam

Haha...I would have totally grabbed some baskets too! Which one did you get? *curious*


I've just had a lovely catch up with all your recent posts. Do hope you're feeling brighter? I'd love to pop in for a cuppa in the shed at the bottom of the garden ~ that space is incredible!


First, I have to take the photos ;-)). Have toyed from time to time about joining in and just haven't...thinking I'll just enjoy everyone's this year and plan on next.

And enjoy yours, I have! It's always nice to visit other communities, even if virtually. I love the opera house ! What was on the venue?



Hi Alexa
You have some brilliant photos, I love your dinosaur, we have none around here at the moment. I love the texture of the scarves as well.

Helena C

loving those wicker baskets. I put mine in a 2 page spread in my project life album and I made them a template this year too so I can record a sentence on finding each one


You've done well here Alexa. I know what you mean about seeing your own place with fresh eyes. The hunt has made me look for things I normally just walk past.


Some wonderful photos here :-). I am thinking of either a double page spread with the photos printed at half size, or a mini album - gap haven't quite decided yet!


Great photo of the scarfs on display - I could not have passed that stall without purchase. I like your day to day display of the photos.

This is the first year I have participated in the photo hunt (off line) and the open air market is the last photo I need to capture. I did have to substitute a couple of the photos - with previous permission of course ;) We have lots of open fruit & veg markets, I have just been to shy to photography. My plan is to capture a road side stall that is usually unattended and on the honour paying system. My photos will be part of my Summer Fun album, also a first for me. (not the fun bit, the album making bit).

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh gosh, Alexa, I just love how you have chosen to collect your photos from the scavenger hunt! I plan to print mine out and include the entire group as an add-in page in my Project Life album in September.

I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed seeing local sights with different eyes. I need to do the same for our local city hall but I have been hesitant for a different reason. Our city hall building is only a few years old and is a very modern structure - one that doesn't really appeal to me. But I suppose it could be interesting to those who don't live locally. I really love the look of your civic building!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Fabulous - your photos will be beautifully showcased ... though will they all have to be landscape?

Julie Jeavons

Great set of photos. I can imagine you being drawn to that row of scarves. Love your skinny dinosaur.
I have no plans for my set of photos - maybe I should. the last two years languish on my computer, the only attempts at collection being on my blog.


I really like your method for displaying your photos! The Opera house is gorgeous!
Note to self: post photos from the Scavenger Hunt before the end of summer ;)


You've reminded me I must get out and about this week in town and see what I can find. Love those scarves and wicker baskets - oh I'd be a goner. :)

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