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Sunday, 04 August 2013


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I know what you mean Alexa - sometimes it is the intangible that is so much more precious than the physical and nuances of relationships are often hard to grasp and yet they are so strong!

Missus Wookie

Oh both of these made me smile and brought a tear to my eye. I suppose because we're getting ready to send Princess off where a visit home will become a two hundred mile round trip. Love the look on himself's face - Happy Birthday to him again :)


These moments are more precious than any possession. And a happy birthday to himself.


Her eyes, then, reading and scrolling down, his eyes, speaking volumes, what blessed joy!


^^^ That's Eleanor btw, but you knew that Alexa didn't you. x


Yes sometimes it is the little but big things that really matter,
Jo xxx


How precious and the look on his face and the hug he is giving say it all x


Definitely precious things we could all use more of!


The most precious, precious moments.

mel j

How thoughtful and he looks delighted with it!

Jen Hart

Such lovely moments and definitely precious.

Jacky S

His face really does say it all.


Yes! we spent yesterday with family and we were just talking about how it wasn't even the party that was the best bit, it was the fact that we were all still here and enjoying each other's company 25 years later. On Saturday my best friend from school, my other bridesmaid, dropped round with a present and the best bit wasn't the gift it was the fact that she is still my dear friend and she remembered!

Thanks for the story this month Alexa and those pictures with the smiles. Oh, and a Happy Birthday to the man himself


Yes being together or making plans to be together soon are the best gifts. Happy birthday to him!

Paul B

Beautiful sentiments Alexa :) Px


I choked up reading your post and looking at your photos today.... I agree with you, this is more precious than any object in the world!


You got that just right!!!


This is such a lovely story, and I agree that the intangible things are the most precious of all. Thanks for sharing!


Oh wow, this post just melts my heart! Thanks for sharing your precious.


I'm amazed at how well you have captured the subtleties of relationships and intangible moments in these photographs and your words Alexa - definitely precious!


What a beautiful post x


a precious family Alexa...a very lovely story x


These things are priceless Alexa, what a beautiful thoughtful family you have. I hope Himself has a wonderful day with his son.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

It's true, these are the precious things that are the most important! For Mother's Day I always choose a day with Carrie, rather than an offer for a physical gift. Loved this post, Alexa!


Thanks for sharing...such lovely reminders to us all to make and savor the precious...



It doesn't sound as if you have to trade anything for the intangibles you value--instead it seems you raised your children to be thoughtful and creative (I wonder where they got that from??) so that the kind of behavior you want them to demonstrate is nearly second nature. Congratulations to you and your husband for a job well done in the child-raising department, and a very happy birthday to your husband.

Barbara Eads

Your post brought a tear to my eye. You have raised a couple of great children. What a joy! They are the perfect "precious-es" for this month!


Yes, for me 'time' is the most precious. A lovely story.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

I *LOVE* the thoughtfulness of your two ... Himself is a luck, lucky man!


Very precious indeed and the look on his face says it all.

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