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Tuesday, 06 August 2013


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Going to bed laughing.... shaking my head and laughing... you're lovely


Well, I'm probably running pretty close to your number, however I'd have to add a ponytail holder (in case it gets windy on a day I decide to wear my hair down) and a barrette (in case it gets REALLY windy LOL) and a pack of chewing gum! No whistle or reading glasses for me, but sunglasses for sure!


Love your watercolour illustration, I was wondering whether you did it yourself, so thanks for the link, will have to try one myself. I think you have well and truly beaten my numbers, although I still need to do the formal write up, will depend on whether I count all the cards and receipts in my wallet. I've read a few of these posts already and it seems that we women like to keep a few things in our bags "just in case" so you are not alone.


Love, love, love the watercolor.

Helena C

love the picture and laughed at your descriptions. I agree about supermarkets needing a magnifier on a cord on every trolley

Jacky S

You've made me smile this morning.....and I'm sure my count would be nearer yours than Julie's. Only 8 cards though....I seem to have a loyalty card for almost every shop ever invented!!


It really is fascinating to see what everyone has in their bag. Also makes me feel more normal :0). Love the watercolour. We did something quickly at photography with a view but can't remember. How so will have to have another go xx


I chcukled out loud at you forgetting your hanky! Thanks for this lovely post:)

Paul B

Wow very clever transformation of your photo. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't let the cat out of the bag. Love the explanations as to the contents of your bag. Pxx

Missus Wookie

Wonderful told and counted.

Now see that is something I've often been grateful for - the likelihood of me skidding off the road and needing a whistle or torch (although I have one on my keyring) in the middle of London is quite low. However, in the car Wookie would mutter about how we have a similar collection of 'just in case' items - too many years of living in the middle of no where obviously left their mark :)


Genius! Much better idea than on the shelving. We need to put it to The Powers That Be :).


I just followed the instructions, Paul, so I think the cleverness rightfully belongs to him :). But thank-you and glad you liked it. Do have a go ...

Julie K

Ah ... everyone seems to be doing a much more thorough census of their bag than I did! I counted 'purse' as one and left that Pandora's box firmly closed! But, judging by what a few people have said about using the opportunity to clear out their bag/purse I'm going to sit back now and await my medal for 'services to organisation'!

I think I know the kind of notebook you mean - and I've started taking something v.similar to work with me recently. They're so much lighter than the big notebooks I used to take [not to mention easier to sneakily write in when you're meant to be listening to lectures ;-) ]

Speaking of work ... if I'd have been at my Uni job last month ... my bag would have told a vastly different tale! As I don't have an office or even a locker I carry my world with me Oct - May - I may call a re-count in a few months!

Thanks so much for a beautiful post, I've added you to the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy August!

Julie x

p.s: The questions for the 2nd 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog if you'd like to join in again :-)


illustrated beautifully and a humorous post too. I had to laugh at the whistle....


What a smart collection of essentials..you had me, as they say, at "duck egg blue": my favourite colour! and that's a very good point about the whistle. I might have to find room for one now. Great post.


I live the detail you have included in your list. Not just a purse but a purse full of more things to count. And that pen? That's my all time fave too. It really improves my hand writing! Thanks for sharing your count Alexa :)


I thoroughly enjoyed the browse through your handbag, Alexa. I tidied mine a bit this weekend so it won't be quite so full of clutter as usual. I love big bags as they are so practical, but boy, can you get some stuff in there!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

What a fun little peek into your bag, Alexa. I love the watercolor finish - thanks for the link to the video! :o)


What a super fun post! I'll have to do it for myself, especially since I'm always floundering for topics. Did you know there is a flashlight app for your phone - called flashlight and it is one of many! And I use the Circa notebook/planner - have for years and the neat thing is I can have one that includes pages in a variety of sizes. Levenger.com has quite a lot of information on the system. Guess I'll get busy with checking out my bag. And btw: love your drawing ~ you are so talented!

And oh yes, a little bit everyday seems to be the best approach tho' I can't say I am always successful in deciding which choices...



After reading your list I don't think I want o go anywhere near my bag! Awesome read thanks


Photoshop or not, that is one lovely drawing! My purse would look much the same. I don't have a torch, but I do carry a small measuring tape, which has come in mighty handy several times.


the picture is so pretty and your list made me nod in agreement and smile with amusement :-) Mine? I can't even imagine. It weighs more than most children so I would guess at way more than 40 items. And this is the woman who clears it out on a more than regular basis as I like to rotate the use of my handbags. But just to give you an idea of the numbers - you have one set of keys - I have two regular sets both with more than one fob on then, an addition car key, my husband's huge weightlifting set and two garage door zappers - oh my! I better stop now!


The way you describe them, it seems every item is absolutely essential. I don't carry a mini-flashlight but there are times I wish I did. Thanks for a fun read.


I'm just getting ready to switch to a new bag for fall, and I'm thinking the whistle isn't a bad idea - my lungs just aren't what they used to be.


I just love lists like this! I wanted to thank you so much for being a faithful bloggy friend. You come to my blog, read what I share and leave a kind comment. All when I have been almost nonexistent for over a month. Thank you, thank you. It means so much to me.

Yvonne Yam

Hmmmm...I need to get a whistle? lol I used to carry a ton of stuff but recently downsized...Love how you edited the photo!


Hi Alexa
I love your post its quirky and full of character. I do think however that you should not feel anxious when it comes to drawing you have a fantastic eye for colour, texture and presentation


You're the sort of friend you need in an emergency. Fabulous post who would have thought the contents of a handbag could be so entertaining. Off to find that whistle


I love what you did with the picture! Oh my I need to go out and get a whistle to add to my bag.

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