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Sunday, 28 July 2013


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Oh what a lovely spot to chat with a friend. It really is your special place isn't it. It must be lovely to retreat down there and craft. Congratulations on your anniversary Alexa! Thank you so much for joining me for tea this month.


I do, indeed, feel as though I've just been for a visit. Thankyou for answering all those questions that I would certainly have asked - I am a snoopy individual! Your scrapping-space-come-guest-house looks utterly charming!

Barbara Eads

What an inviting home---from that first chair that almost looks as if it's nestled in the woods to your sunroom that brings the outside---in. I love it all! The bike's pretty cool too!

Jacky S

I would so love to have joined you in that wonderful space.....and have chatted about how much I enjoy online classes....and the two recent ones that I've taken and found so inspiring.


What a beautiful space! I think I'd want to spend my whole day there. We get so little light in our house I'm always envious of bright, open spaces. Thanks for a lovely chat and walk; it was the best way to start a new day. (We'll be celebrating our anniversary this weekend as well.)


Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Alex & Himself. What an utterly beautiful shed! calm and serene Oh dear I am gushing. thanks you so much for tea and your company, When I got home I had petals in my hair....a lovely reminder of a lovely afternoon.


What a beautiful space - I love your description! Have a lovely wedding anniversary x


Oh Alexa your "shed" is jut gorgeous. I would love to sit in there or on the verandah and have tea. But for now it would have to be a glass of water as I am in the middle of a 9 day detox!! So yes, I would be getting off half way up the hill too! I'm in a desperate attempt to get healthy and lose a few pounds before my holidays!

Paul B

I have to agree, your little hut is beautiful & very cosy. I fell in love with it instantly. I fondly recall a cosy cup of tea in there (& I have the photos to prove it lol). Congratulations on your anniversary, hope you will both be celebrating in style. And tea in the garden with the cooler weather would be perfect. Pxx

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

That's quite a "shed"! Love the mirrored panels at the end and the beautiful furnishings. Many, many congratulations on your Opal Wedding Anniversary.


You write with such vivid feelings and I feel so welcome. Tea (hot, milk first please) at any time is always the perfect drink. Your recall about the 13 year old budding artist had me remembering youth's belief about my artist yearnings ... I use to design houses and floor plans and created an entire community.


Oh, how I wish I could come and sit on the wicker chair! It looks heavenly!!! Your shed is a beauty and you're very lucky to have such a space to craft and more! Happy anniversary to you and your dear husband!


I am so envious of your craft space...my dream is to have a craft 'shed' at the bottom of the garden! It was so lovely to catch up, Alaxa!
Alison xx


What a lovely visit in a place that is crafted with love. And congrats to you and hubby on your anniversary.


What a lovely post, Alexa. I have sat transfixed... admiring your beautiful space in the garden and imagining the wildlife outside. How perfect for crafting, or extra room for visitors and guests. And you have made it so homely too. I loved the wander there through your garden.
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary this weekend. I hope you have had good weather and been able to enjoy the time celebrating.
As for handwriting, I would like to develop mine into something more creative. I bought a course which I downloaded onto a DVD and I mislaid it for a good time, but found it the other day so plan to experiment.


such an inviting place...I think i would spend as much time as possible in the "shed" it looks so inviting and cosy...a beautiful space. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary x


OMG Alexa - that "shed" is simply GORGEOUS! I would love to come visit and spend some time crafting with you in that space. Your descriptions make it all so special and perfect. And love the little sailboat from Deb!


I am in awe of your shed! And I love that Himself put that unit above your desk for you! Wishing you both a very happy anniversary xx


What a beautiful shed, although I giggled about leaks! Congratulations on 35 years of marriage!

Jen Hart

A lovely, lovely space Alexa, I am sure you draw lots of inspiration from it. I have enjoyed myself enormously :)

Congratulations on your anniversary, you did get yourself a good 'un.

I haven't taken an online class for ages and ages. Maybe in the winter I can catch up. Have a good week.


Your summer house is delightful Alexa, I can picture you down there in quiet moments of contemplation. My handwriting is functional, nothing more, and rather too like the prescribed cursive writing style taught in schools here - but it is what we have to model for our students and luckily it comes easily to me.

Congratulations on your anniversary - life is made all the better for having a great partner to share it with!

Yvonne Yam

Ooooh...your place looks really cosy. I would love to curl up with a book there, sipping some tea at any time of the day of course... :)

Missus Wookie

Happy Anniversary Alexa and Himself! What a gorgeous little 'shed at the bottom of the garden' Wookie has been promising me somewhere to sit out in the next garden and a place to work/read/entertain. I'll show him your photos :)


Oh Alexa thank you for sharing you special place with us, it was such a wonderful visit. I love your ''cabin'' it's so perfect. I can imagine you sitting in there with your cuppa or a glass of something reading or writing. You really evoked the spirit of the place.
I am so glad you shaed it with us,
Jo xxx


Happy Anniversary! I am totally travelling to see you right now so I can sit on that wicker chair outside with you and enjoy a cup of tea.... yes I have also continued to drink tea on even the hottest of days we have had recently. A beautiful place Alexa thank you for sharing it xxx ps I sent you a message on UKS hope you got it ok xxx


A belated anniversary greeting :D we celebrated our 15th on the 22nd..

Oh boy, I would love to sleep in your garden shed too! It looks a truly wonderful place to be and I'd be happy to craft in there too! I could sit on a comfy chair and crochet whilst we chat and especially if there's cake!

Love reading what you are up to of late, Alexa.

be back soon



What a beautiful summer house. That puts my shed to shame. I have enjoyed the visit and especially seeing a little more of a glimpse. Thank you so much for the extra magazine. You shouldn't have but I really loved it. Thank you x
Happy Anniversary - Enjoy x


Thanks for taking us down to the garden and for the tour of your shed. It doesn't surprise me that you have such a lovely space - it's such a good fit for your spirit! What a gorgeous gift from Deb! I'd tell you that I tend to create all over the house, depending upon what else I am doing and where the rest of the family has taken up residence. I hope to get a better dedicated space come fall when my son heads off to University.


{{{Alexa}}} Thank you so much for taking me to your special place. I felt like I was walking along right beside you and my heart was filling with joy as we moved the maple's branches aside. It felt like a secret door opening to another world. I would love to some day have property with enough acreage for a space like yours.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Hi Alexa ~ This is the most beautiful "shed" I have ever seen! I love the light and all the wood and all of your lovely decorative touches. Simply divine. Thanks for the shout out - I LOVE the way you photographed that little sailboat - made me happy all over again knowing that it finally found its rightful owner!

Thanks for the lovely visit! I read this post a couple of days ago but for some reason the comment section wasn't working. Glad it seems to be allowing me to leave a little love this time! xo


What a lovely visit and a fabulous room there at the end of the garden. It's way too hot to sit outside much here, but I've enjoyed sipping on a Coca-Cola while I've caught up with you today!


What an amazing beautiful house you have, thank you for inviting me in and sharing, so nice to meet you


I may be a little late to the teapot, but - delightfully - the ping in my inbox tells me that you have been dropping in on me as I drop in on you. What could be better?

It's a shed to drool over. I was flicking through a lovely book called My Cool Shed the other day..are you sure it isn't in there somewhere? :)


Thanks for the cup of tea - my favourite tipple regardless of the weather. Your little creative corner of the world is divine. And the journey I took there with you in this post was so relaxing, interesting and creative. Thank you for showing me.


What a wonderful looking "shed"! It's so nice and summery. I was late stopping by but hope to be more on time this month. :)

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