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Monday, 15 July 2013


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You write so beautifully Alexa. My plan for today is to write up my moment so I'll link in later.

Paul B

I put a reminder on my calendar today to ensure I didn't miss it. As you'll see when I finally post it, I got cracking the moment I read your post and now that it's done (at midday) I see I still have your post open awaiting me to write a comment :) Your journalling is as sweet, engaging and detailed as always. Fluid and candid. it's amazing how much happens in a minute. Hope your tooth is sorted out quickly. Px


You transported me into your head with your writing! Loved to read how the cup brings out so many memories... it would make a great "Precious" for Sian's "Pick your precious"!!!

Jacky S

I can see that beaker,Alexa....we had one very similar. I do hope the dentist managed to fit you in.


I, too, tend to be easily distracted when I'm trying to write a "to do" list or morning pages. Isn't it amazing what we think about when we get distracted? I do hope the dentist could fit you in. An exposed tooth isn't any fun!


I love how your mind flits from one thing to another, Alexa. I can so relate to this.
So much goes on in such a brief time, the happy memories of your daughter and grandchildren, and disappointment that they have gone home again. I do hope you got an appointment with your dentist and had your tooth repaired. Beautifully written as always.


Thanks for the reminder. I'll do this soon.
What a lovely moment captured today, although your first line (above the phot)is the one that pierces my heart.
Thanks for the meme,


Yesterday left me well and truly behind and I forgot to journal ... about to make up for it now!

Your moments always make me feel reflective and your ability to capture vivid details is such a gift. A beautiful photo to accompany the moment.

By the way, are you better now? I've had a late catch up and was sorry to hear you hadn't been 100%.

Barbara Eads

I love your layout and your thoughtful journaling! Thanks for sharing.


You write so beautifully Alexa, what a lovely moment in time. Except for the bit about the dentist of course! I remember having a beaker just like that - I wonder what happened to it?


Such a beautiful post Alexa. Lovely soft and gentle thoughts.
I Hope the dentist was 'OK', that's about the best you can hope for at the dentist isn't it?


Another beautifully captured moment. I hope your dentist visit was successful.


Another beautifully written post - and a truly lovely photo do hope that the back is improving and that you are almost better - and that the dentist could fit you in. J x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah, I always love a chance to read what you have written, Alexa. You pull me in and it's as if I am right there with you, witnessing this for myself.

Have you ever considered writing a novel? I would be in line to purchase it if you did!

Julie K

I'm working on my moment ... I couldn't miss out a month! I do hope your back and teeth are much improved by now. Another lovely moment from you Alexa - I always feel your family comings and goings so keenly through your words. xx


I get so engrossed within your moment that I want it to go on and on. A beautiful piece with a wonderful photo x

Fiona@staring at the sea

What a beautiful photograph Alexa. Your writing is wonderful as ever. You have such a knack of capturing these moments and drawing us in. I must stop at some point soon and record another of mine. I enjoyed my first time joining in last month. I hope the dentist fitted you in and that your back is much improved. Did you ever try the book I recommended for that?


Hope you've got that tooth sorted out Alexa!...As always, a beautifully written moment...mine always seems so lacking after reading yours..but I am always glad to have taken the moment to actually savour...we don't do enough of it! Thank you my friend!
Alison xx


...and I do so hope your tooth's ache has been obliterated! I have been plagued too, off/on over the past six or so weeks, at least three trips to dentist - another this week, I think I must make.

So enjoyed reading your moment ~ as always...and so appreciative of you for encouraging us to take a minute or two at least each month to zen in on the moment. Easily my favorite time of the month.



I hope you got a quick appointment and didn't have to deal with the "avoid the tooth" scenerio for long. Your writing is always so rhythmic and soothing to me, I imagine your voice being like that as well. I love the photo.


Beautiful journalling illustrated with a lovely photograph.


Lovely photo and beautiful journalling once again :)

Jean Green

What a beautifully told moment. Thank you it was simply delicious. Hope the toothache is better.


A beautifully told moment Alexa. I hope that tooth has been fixed by now and you weren't in much pain with it. I can definitely relate.

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