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Monday, 22 July 2013


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Missus Wookie

Now see Wookie might think that is just about a big enough pot of tea. I'm not sure on the vehicle/car thing - went for car in the end but I'm sure a bike got through too.

I'm not sure how many times we're going through this year - completed one set at Legoland, mostly finished mine and Wookie keeps having suggestions so perhaps I'll get him to do a set as well. Should keep us busy at least :)


What I really like is how many of the prompts this year are about being observant in every day life - and I really like that you can find so many, as you have in your walk, casually walking down the street!


Good spotting with these Alexa. What an unusual stained glass. Love the musical teapot.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

These are great, Alexa. I'm about half way through the list, and the thing I'm most concerned with is finding something that appears out of place. Love your great big tea pot photos!

PS: I think the police "vehicle" should be allowed. :o)


Oooh I love that magical teapot! I am hoping to get lots of scavenger items in the summer holidays which start tomorrow!


Love the teapot:) How magical!! I say yes to police motorbike, as my police vehicle is a picture of a police boat on a children's ride LOL!


They are fab finds! I'm only about quarter of the way through (I think - I must add up!) Love the roof you find - so eye catching.

Paul B

Excellent photos for the challenge. Love the magical teapot. Must go check out Rinda's blog, I'm curious as to what else is on her list for you to find :) Pxx

Jacky S

I've barely started....I just love the teapot....it would look perfect in my garden.

Julie K

Ooh it's fun to get a picture of where you live [that said ... there is a slight surreal feel to the post tempting me to believe you line in Alice's Wonderland!]

Great to see you joining the hunt. And yes, I'm just about done with mine - all I need is a photo of me with a crafty tool and I *think* there's a good chance I can do that!


Oh I would love that pot of tea. How ace is that?! I am slowly making my way through the hunt. Yesterday was cloud searching. I think I have found one in the shape of the united kingdom but the boy wasn't so convinced!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

ACE finds Alexa - I'm about half-way!


Speaking as someone who has a police bicycle in her collection - I think the police motorbike is definitely a keeper! Great finds. I still have two to go.


The stained glass roof is so beautiful, the teapot fantastic and the police vehicle I might keep that in reserve for something out of place.. So good to see you joining in with this. I have found 15 items. I am still struggling with a sober/sensible cloud!


The police vehicle should definitely be counted. Like Deb, I'm about halfway through and most worried about something out of place and the clouds. I've been watching the clouds all month and have yet to see anything recognizable.


Great finds in such a short time. I think the motorcycle should be allowed. Not got mine yet, I'm always driving when I see one!
The stained glass roof is very colourful, quite a contrast to Victorian buildings.
I'm doing quite well with my list. Saw a beautiful heart shaped cloud today. Guess what? I was driving again. urgh!
Happy scavenging! I hope to post more photos soon and have one or two I am really happy with.


Wow these are great! I just love the teapot!


A tad over halfway done here, I know where a few of the others are but haven't been in photo shooting position yet to get them. I have the perfect one for someone out of place but it would probably create a lot of drama if SweetGirl's mama saw it so I'll have to keep looking. That roof is awesome, love the design and colors and that it is such a contrast to the bldg.

Yvonne Yam

It is interesting what you can find in a 20 minute walk if you actually choose to observe eh? How fun!


The police motorcycle definitely counts! I just love seeing the differences across country. I'm about two-thirds done, but don't worry there's lots of time left.


Wonderful finds on your doorstep Alexa. I guess I am about halfway through - the bike is definitely a keeper in my view and as for the teapot -just love it! J x


I certainly think a big teacup is somewhat out of place in what you were expecting to see at the park. You've done well on your little walk...I'm envious of Amy (over at our place) and her little country town where she has snapped so many of her items on her list. I actually printed the list out for myself yesterday however not sure I'll do it but I have it just in case. They seem like fun photography projects to do. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Love that teapot! I'm about halfway there I think, although this week should get me closer to 2/3 of the way. I just realized there's only 1 month to go so I better get a move on.

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