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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


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My creativity is drooping due to the business of the end of term. Things are piled up in "organised" piles ready to be moved back home. Im sure as the holiday starts my creativity will peak again!

Jen Hart

Great images and a lovely lot of creativity going on there!
I have just invested in a bamboo pad and stylus and giggling at my ineptitude whilst I get used to it! Have a great week.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

You are so lovely, Alexa. I love the way you have gathered this list of things to do - it really makes a plain old "to-do" list seem extremely boring! ;o) I have a list of at least a dozen things that I'm wanting to get to, including a quilt that will prove to be very time consuming. Of course, the quilt is what is calling to me the loudest, but I know if/when I start that everything else will have to wait.

Looking forward to seeing your creativity take shape.


I'm buried under all the vacation photos still needing some final editing before I can determine what next to do with them. I'm interested in your Blurb book as I think that may be the way I go this time instead of doing a scrapbook. Have you done one before? Your presentation of all your creative pursuits is totally inspiring!

Paul B

Love this post, it's so similar to how I see my life, the input of creativity in many different ways. I've seen the Wabi Sabi book on Amazon & thought instantly of you, I'm not surprised you have it. Hope you enjoy. I'm a fan of Jessica Sprague too. I have a computer file full of lessons. Just love her teaching style plus i've learnt a heck of a lot from her too. Hope you find the time to play with her photo editing lessons. Pxxx


having read this my 1st creative item of the day is to make a summary page like yours - I love the peak it gives of different things.

thanks for the crochet ebook link - I'm planning of making a fun square sampler today as I have an afternoon free of other distractions


My creativity is feeling feisty at the moment, but it is all things I can't share just yet. That's kind of good and kind of bad ..I like the think, make, blog cycle. It's good to see you with lots of things on the go :)


I've a head bursting with creativity at the moment, from scrapping, sewing, baking & blogging. My ideas list is getting longer :)

The way you've put a glimpse into your creative ideas is so clever.

I wanted to comment but please don't put me in the draw for the book :)


I've had a big creative flunk but am gearing up for a return. I have been blogging though and I did make a Passion cake after reading Deb Purple turtle's blogpost about Bakerella. I have a long list of stuff to do and I too will be doing Jessica's free class as well as being part of Kirstin's Find your voice class as a student and team member,
Jo xxx


I feel like I'm on creative overdrive with all the classes I'm taking right now! But I am also signed up for Jessica's free class as well as Photoshop Friday - which looking at my class list, I've apparently already missed the first two weeks! Yikes... off to look at that now.

Jacky S

I'm trying to keep up with my online classes.....as well as coping with the craziness that is the end of the school year. Oh.....and I need to plant more lettuce as well.


I was only saying the other day that i wish i'd kept my typewritter. I can still here the ping now! Loving the snippet photos of what you are up too x

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Any tips for reviving creativity gratefully received - there's a definite drought here! Your lettuce is further on than mine ... but our spinach is doing well.


Great creative list. I love the circular effect. I'm slowly getting my creative streak back it's a bit like the tide and comes and goes. Will you update us with how you get on? I would love to see the whole journal cover.


Creatively speaking, I'm looking forward to a late July/early August vacation week. The term in recent years is "stay-cation" meaning one vacations locally rather than traveling. That sounds absolutely perfect to me right now. A day trip or two, some extra time around the house, friends in over the weekend...what could be better?


Oh, I planted lettuce yesterday too! Kind regards from Poland!


Love your list! I'm reading a lot of books at the moment - catching up with all the ones Penny and I bought in Hay on Wye. I've got loads of layouts in my mind and want to make a mini book, but finding it difficult to find the time! New kitchen going in on 1st July so lots of prep work plus moving Penny out of her flat! Hope to get a little time on Sunday and in July.

Missus Wookie

I really like the circular glimpses into your life - especially the one of you and your Dad smiling :) It helped me tremendously when I realised that getting time to scrap includes photo taking, note making, processing photos, getting the packs and all the rest as well as the getting time to actually cut, glue and stick :)

Lettuce is doing well here - am thinking I might plant more this weekend ready to go in as other stuff comes out.


I love your circular frames. I have just bought some from Katie Pertiet. Love the picture of you & your dad and I too have just taken delivery of that book! I had forgotten I had ordered it!!! I have the bamboo stylus and had great fun with it (I must do something with the results...I am feeling and being very creative at the moment, I wonder if it's that time of year? Christmas and mid summer (joke) Anyhow It's good to see you so busy and sounding happy.


Definitely all types of creativity like you :) After having all my creative juices focused on the wedding I am excited about cooking, baking, blogging, cardmaking, jewelry making, creating photo books and possibly even sewing!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Lovely little glimpses into all those creative thoughts. That looks like a screen shot from the the JS class I took (can't believe it was) four years ago. Hope you get the chance to have a go. I think I have too many ideas and things I want to do, which is stopping me from doing anything, except make cards!


I am taking part in Jennifer's 'Projects that Wow,' class..so far have only managed one prompt, though am hoping for a couple more over the weekend..am off to look at the bamboo stylus!
Alison xx


Each one of these projects looks more interesting than the one that came before it. Despite a demanding schedule of "most do" activities, you manage to fit in a lot of creativity. Good for you!

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