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Saturday, 15 June 2013


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As always Alexa - so beautifully captured that I am right there in your kitchen too! Sendibg hugs for the slightly sad feelings - and envying you the simplyfying. Must make a start on that myself! Take care my friend. J x

Fiona@staring at the sea

Ah, simplifying. Something I have been grappling with all year, without a great deal of success! I'll pass on the rain thank you, we've had enough of the wet stuff here already today and the black clouds appear to be regrouping as I type. Enjoy the Facetime and the rest of your weekend.


I have ambitions to simply many areas but I'm a hoarder at heart and it's nigh on impossible!
We have just had thunder and lightening, but the storm has passed now - a 'typical' June day in England!
A lovely moment in time captured so well.


This is lovely, I hope your sadness will soon pass. x

Jacky S

I'm afraid I'm not very good at simplifying either.....but I do hope you enjoyed the Facetime.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

A lovely read this afternoon, Alexa. I love your format this month - makes me feel like I was right there in the mix of things. And isn't Facetime just the greatest thing? :o)


lovely to share a little peak into your day Alexa....sending you hugs xxx


I felt as though I was right there with you! I'm with you on the weather ~ dry in town and heavy rain in the 'burbs today :(


Hope the weather improves ...another perfectly described moment
Alison xx


A nice approach Alexa, and look into a glimpse of you day. Two pairs of trousers? Wow! You are good at simplifying!!


You have the magic touch when it comes to capturing the meaningful bits and pieces of life in so few words. It's a pleasure to spend a few minutes inside your corner of the world...


Summer rain and a truthism on the Internet, result!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my blog, I smile every time I see them!


you have such a beautiful way with words, I feel I am right there with you. Now off to cut he bottom off the lettuce in my fridge and put it in water to see if it regrows

Paul B

More beautiful journaling Alexa and I love how you've played around & vintaged up the photo of the lettuce. The whole page is pure design elegance. Pxx


Your moments are so full of detail alexa. A moment that you captured beautifully in your gorgeous layout xx


Lovely post a usual. Remembering the little things is so important.


I like your little prompts on this months moment Alexa. Thanks for hosting this again, I love joining in!


That Pharmacy thing strikes a chord! It really shouldn't have to be timetabled the way we do it here too. Sometimes feel like we need a spreadsheet!

Julie K

I love the amount of detail you've corralled so effortlessly [?] into this 'moment'. Just lovely. How the experimental lettuce nestles near a poignant memory. And the hints of green throughout. And how I smiled for you that you were leaving this moment for a face-time moment.

I love having these 'moments' as a good excuse to do what I really love ... noticing, noting, documenting. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing your moment and for allowing me to share mine. Simplifying life eh? I might try that when I grow up


Ever the contrast of the beating on the roof and the sweeter tinkle of iPad alerting you to the possibility of a nicer vision than the miserable rain. What joy technology brings.


you captured the weariness of that moment so eloquently, it made me a little bit sad right along with you. Glad Facetime dinged in to brighten your day! I need to find my "moment" this month. Sarah was home over the weekend and I didn't even give it a thought!


Love the way you recorded your moment this month. Are you really intent on ending this meme in a few months or could we convince you to continue?
(sorrry if this posts twice)

Liz Lee

A lovely moment. I love how you've laid it out.


You have such a creative soul. I love the way that you share yourself here.


A beautiful way of portraying life, Alexa. The clock sounds lovely, I'm sure your mum would love it! Bless your dad, It's hard to watch only one parent when there used to be two!



Gosh, you make me feel as though I'm sitting at the table reading your thoughts. And at one point I would have risen and grabbed my phone to call my doctors office to sort out a messed up lab appointment. Firm politeness, you say?

Missus Wookie

Face time is such a joy and a blessing isn't it? Makes the miles easier to bear, glad the prescription was sorted too. Made notes for my 15th but haven't written them up. Thank you for the prompt to remember at least...


I felt like I was right there at the table with you. I like the prompts you put in this month. I must remember that. I'm a bit late but I got mine done this morning.


Loved reading your Moment for this month! I am late, late, late in my blog reading but intend on catching up today. I had no clue romaine lettuce could do that!!!! :D


Hey Alexa! I'm late and I'm back with my entry! Whew! Just beat the clock ;-)). Love the way you created your "moment" this month. I can just see you in your outfit. Looking forward to catching up on everyone's posts.



Fab! LOL at cardigan from Boden bought they year they started. I don't think I can go that far back. I didn't have the fund.

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