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Thursday, 06 June 2013


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Thank you, your post is beautiful. x


What a lovely and thoughtful collection. This has been a lovely swap don't you think? Hope your dad is still on the mend after the hospital "traumas ", thinking of you Jen x


What a lovely array of handcrafted goodies for you to ponder over. Enjoy.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh, this is so sweet, Alexa. I had the good fortune to receive a piece of Miriam's handiwork when I collected butterflies for a cause and it was so lovely. Her gifts to you were all so thoughtful. What a wonderful package of happy mail - just so perfect in every way. And I can't think of anyone more deserving than you, my dear!


My goodness - Miriam is a wonderful woman with such a creative and generous spirit. I love that she won you!


What a sweet and thoughtful collection!


that really is a parcel to make you smile I hope you enjoy it Alexa xxx

Jacky S

What a lovely little package,Alexa.


How Lovely!

Paul B

Aww that's such a sweet parcel to arrive. Is there anything better than receiving happy post? Especially one with so many thoughtful surprises inside :) Px


What a thoughtful friend you have.

Jen Hart

What a gorgeous collection, how wonderfully thoughtful.

Missus Wookie

Oh that is lovely - what a wonderful treat :)


What a lovely treat, especially given that today so many people think that a tweet or Face Book Like is remembering or communicating. There is a poem or quote about receiving mail, which goes something like ... "I think myself well loved receiving something in the post." I could not agree more.


Lucky girl!


What a beautiful way to mark such a fabulous collection. And "I won you" ? I must remember that, with gratitude to Miriam..how could there be a nicer way of announcing oneself? Thank you for being part of it Alexa


Oh... what a wonderful gift to arrive at your door. Such thought given by Miriam, and I know it will be treasured and used in wonderful ways.


how lovely - enjoy your treasures Alexa x


Such a beautiful parcel. You lucky lady!

Barbara Eads

Wow, sounds like you hit the jackpot!! This was such a fun exchange.


What a wonderful parcel :-)


Just beautiful---every bit of it!


I suspect you will make great use of each of these treasures--and that we will see many of them featured on your blog. I was especially drawn to the needle case and the Dublin hags.


Oh, how wonderful. What beautiful treasures. Thank you for sharing them.

Julie Jeavons

What a wonderful collection of goodies.


What a perfect collection for you Alexa...enjoy looking at it and then using it all!

Fiona@staring at the sea

What a lovely gift, so beautifully wrapped and seemingly quite perfect for you.


So wonderful. There's nothing like love made tangible and sent through the mail.


That is a very thoughtful package, and beautifully wrapped!

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