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Friday, 28 June 2013


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your day2day book is gorgeous I am always impressed with your doodling!


Your drawings are amazing and that cover took my breath away. Alexa you are so talented!


Beautiful cover for a beautiful and useful journal! Can't wait to see your Wildflowers! :)


What a beautiful cover piece! Your work is always inspiring---as is your writing so I'll be looking forward to seeing more from this lovely journal.

Jen Hart

Wow, that canvas is just stunning and you will so enjoy your diary for the next few weeks.
Project Life has definitely become my favourite part of scrapbooking.

Jacky S

A beautiful canvas...and just perfect to use for your day2day book.

Paul B

Love your Day2Day book, beautifully creative. I can completely understand your desire to go deep and wide and record it somewhere. I have a 'Book of Firsts' which encourages me to be more adventurous & keep a note when I do. Enjoy your weekend too. Pxx


Living life wide and deep and journaling it too - what lovely plans! And what a lovely way to record them. And yes, July is knocking at the door.

Fiona@staring at the sea

Your original canvas is stunning Alexa and what a great way to see it every day.


Wow - you are so talented!


this is beautiful Alexa, absolutely beautiful.


I love what you did with the Junelle class. Would like to see what you do with the wildflowers class.


These are beautiful, your doodlings are fantastic. Look forward to seeing what else you create x


Your artwork, with its several affirming messages, is perfect for your summer diary. I'm sure it will be a storehouse of wonderful recollections when you are finished.


You have so many special talents. This is simply beautiful


That is a beautiful book, Alexa. I love the way you used the tulip painting on the cover, and the doodles and to brighten the pages. I'd want to journal and write in that as it is so inviting and cheerful! Have fun on your Wildflowers course.


Just looking at that sailboat makes me feel summery and happy.

Hey, my Things I Learned in June linky is up. I hope you'll come over and play along.


It's definitely July here and not a raindrop in sight - simply HOT, HOTTER, and YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING! :>)

Yvonne Yam

I love your painting of the tulips....really artsy.
And the idea of a day2day journal is awesome. Love when random stuff gets recorded.

P/s: It's hot and humid where I am at. With occasional rain. Hope you are doing well. :)


Alexa, your art is impressive! You have inspired me. I might take a little book camping and see if I can do some little doodle art.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Fabulous - you are always so quirkily creative.


The Tulip painting is amazing...very talented indeed and it's good that you have made a little journal using it for the cover. Thanks for stopping by my blog and always leaving such nice comments, it's a pleasure to read them. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


What a beautiful book - you are extremely talented :)

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa,
What a lovely canvas of turlips, I really like the textures and depth of layers you have created. It is a great idea keeping an diary. I love your doodle boat, it captures movement. You are a really creative and talented artist. Good luck on your course. Thank you for visiting my blog.


What a gorgeous canvas Alexa and a great idea to have it for the cover of your book.


This looks like so much fun and I'm sure you're going to love writing in it, capturing the moments. Do enjoy your next class and I look forward to seeing what you learn and do!



Hi Alexa! I love your cover and also your day2day project, and overall, your plan of living wide and deep...
the canvas is just perfect!!
thanks so much for visiting and encouraging me!!


Stunning! love what you have made here :)


wow, you are so talented. The canvas is amazing...I can see it hanging on a wall and being admired. A lovely idea to have photograph it for a cover too x


This is so lovely. I miss getting my hands dirty. I imagine this will be something you will treasure.

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