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Friday, 17 May 2013


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Oh Alexa, so sorry to read this moment this month. I do hope he stays home - and keeps well. Take care x

Julie Jeavons

thinking of you xx.


Alexa. I'm so sorry to read this- your description of your moment was so poignant. Hoping your Dad has a swift recovery. Thinking of you both.


What an anxious time you are having, Alexa. Let's hope your Dad is all the better for being back home with you. You absolutely nailed how I feel about the entranceway to every hospital I have been to with my daughter. We always have to fight our way through the smokers. It especially seems incongruous at a hospital.
Sending a hug. Irene x


Such a poignant moment captured so perfectly. I am sending big (((hugs))) Alexa, and I too hope your dad can stay home in your loving care. Thinking of you constantly my friend. J xx


S sorry to read about this Alexa. Fingers crossed he improves and stays well.xx


Oh goodness Alexa, this has really touched me. My dad was really unwell in the last years and spent a lot of time in hospital. So I can connect with your concern and your Dad's need for comfort and to be home. So glad that he is back with you, I hope it was nothing serious and that your care and love will be all he needs. Big hug to you xx


Alexa - I knew something must be wrong when I popped in to see if your 'moment' was here the other day. You've captured a moment I've also experienced - and your words, while very personal to you - are so universal.

I'll share my own moment at some point later but wanted to let you know I was thinking of you all now. x


Not easy. Not easy at all. I hope he can feel the power of the internet bringing him well wishes from all over the world x


Sending ((HUGS)) your way Alexa. I hope your dad stays well.


Dear Alexa,
I hope that as each moment passes that your Dad gains strength and gets better. Stay strong . Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Am thinking of you and your Dad.......your description has brought tears o my eyes. So important for you to be there for him now, more than ever. Thinking of you xxxxxxxx


Sending hugs to you. An unexpected entry into the hospital is so jarring and scary. You captured it all perfectly. Hoping for the best and that you feel lots of love around you,


My moment will be up on Monday.

Alexa, your moment is so much more than a moment and not easy at all. I know what it is like to have a parent rushed, often, to emergency. I hope your father makes a speedy recovery and can be home in a comfortable and familiar environment very soon.

As usual, your choice of photo and simple design highlight your page. :)


More hugs and good wishes to you and your Dad winging through the internet. Good to hear he is home again


Hi Alexa, I'm really sorry to know about your dad at the hospital... all my love to all of you, courage!!
muchísimos besos

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams



I hope your Dad is feeling better already - being home does do wonders. Hugs.


oh alexa - i really really feel for you. Your moment is so moving x


Oh Alexa, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, but pleased that he is now back home with you again. Wishing him well. xx


I liked reading about your moment even though it is recorded at a stressful time... that's what I love about your Simply a Moment series, it really shows the different facets of life as we live it. I am glad to read that your dad is back home and I wish him comfort in his recovery.

Jacky S

Such a poignant moment his month,Alexa.....but so glad to hear that your dad is back home with you....and I'm sure he feels so much better for being there. Sending you all positive thoughts.


So sorry to hear about your dad, but that's good news that he is back home. Beautifully told moment. Thank-you.


Sorry to hear about your dad, Alexa...and you know I empathise and sympathise totally! Be kind to yourself, as well as to your dad, my friend
Love and hugs
Alison xx


Oh Alexa, I absolutely love the way you can so beautifully capture a difficult moment! Your love for you family always shine through!!


Oh dear. Alexa, I do so hope that your Dad's situation has improved since you posted this. I'm sending good thoughts, prayers, and hugs to the two of you...

Yvonne Yam

Oh dear. It must be a trying time right now. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery. Take care.

P/s: Thank you for always stopping by my blog to leave me a little love. I really appreciate it. Could I send you a handmade card? Please send me an email with your mailing address. [yvonne.yam@gmail.com]


You have the loveliest way of sharing with us Alexa. I was prompted to say a little prayer for your father right away. Bless you all.

Missus Wookie

Been thinking of you all and holding you in the light. Glad he is home and under careful eyes.


Hoping you Fater is feeling better now he is somewhere familiar with all the comforts he needs around him. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and commenting at a time whic must be so busy for you. Feel free to scrap lift x


Hoping everything continues to go well with your Dad.

Julia Heald

Sorry I couldn't join in this month Alexa. I hope your Dad continues to improve and I'm sure he is much happier at home, surrounded by his family :)


I've been catching up with your blog this morning after such a long time away, and was disheartened to get to this post when I read about your Dad. I hope he is feeling much better and things are going well. Thanks, as always, for the next set of tutorials on using Keynote.

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