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Wednesday, 01 May 2013


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Oh my .... reading this made me very teary. Thank you SO much for your sharing of tea, stories and feelings with me. I certainly enjoyed our time together today, it was just what I needed. I am glad of the time zone differences, I think I can face the start of my day feeling quite refreshed. Well I must get out of your way as you prepare the evening meal.


Trust me ... if I'd stopped by for tea you wouldn't have got rid of me so quickly / easily. I'd be there telling you that a Grandfather I never met was creative and how he passed the time away during his illness] by embroidering. And how I have a few of the pieces he made ... somewhere.

Lovely to spend time with you Alexa.

Julie x


Thank you so much for having a cup of tea with me today Alexa. It was nice to catch up and get a peek at Gladys- isn't she wonderful! I would talk lots about what to do with that tin and you would also inspire me to do a one little word catch up on the blog! x

Jacky S

I think those little peeks of your garden would make me ask if we could pop our coats on and have a wander outdoors as we chatted [as long as it isn't raining too hard]....and I'd really want to sneak that tin into my bag.....how perfect it is for so many things.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

You are the perfect hostess Alexa - it was lovely to see you (& Gladys) in the flesh! Until the next time!


Fantastic! I so loved reading this. I feel like I've really gotten to know who you are on a deeper level - as an artist, a wife, a daughter, a person.
Loved the tour of your home, too.
Hugs until next time,


Oh, yes, please. Let me know what time you'd like me round!


Such a lovely visit with you Alexa. I feel I got to know you a little bit more. My what a lovely box and so nice to meet Gladys.


What a lovely corner for a chat about my sewing paternal grandmother and painting maternal grandfather and how my word (quest) was doing well until April but hoping to get back on track this month and already collecting words for Ali's prompt this month


This made me cry... I would dearly love to visit and share a cuppa and a chat, with my lovely friend Alexa! It's a bit of a drive, from me to you and tricky to be away from home for more than one day, as I don't have two days in a row where I don't go to help my mum... but some time I will get organised & come up the motorway to visit!

I love the photos you have used and it was so nice to hear of the crafty things you are enjoying, to see your sweet little tray-cloth, made by your dear mum (I also have precious pieces of linen, inherited from relatives); the tea tray looked so pretty and I could almost smell the tea and those lovely Lebkuchen... I love them! The tin is great too - a journal would be so fab, tucked away in that "Memories" tin... Perhaps you could include some Memories of special things you have inherited from your parents - both items and also qualities, talents, mannerisms etc?
And perhaps a little sailing boat...for your "One Little Word" and your "Trimming the Sails" blog too.

Thank you for sharing your cup of tea with us - with me, it did feel so personal, reading your lovely post today.



i enjoyed my visit very much! it was good to meet Gladys too x


What a lovely, welcoming visit. I enjoyed every minute. How nice to meet Gladys, she's a real original!
Your comment about the tray cloth reminded me that may first Domestic Science lesson involved learning how to starch and roll a tray cloth so it had no fold marks. I don't think I'd ever seen a tray cloth before!
I look forward to coming back again, next month.


I did enjoy spending some time with you today, Alexa...I could just see you sitting with your tea EXACTLY the way you described..and those dads really have lasted well!
Alison xx


Oh what a lovely post Alexa, I felt very warm and welcomed. I can just see you sitting and holding that cup of tea, and your mix of photos is beautiful. Yes it is a good idea to photograph the tin and use the images, and I love how you have conversations with Gladys on days you don't have a visit round for tea!


Thanks for getting the tea tray out and sharing your thoughts with us. Lovely post that made me feel right at home - from so very far away.


I would so love to have tea with you. I love the tradition of the linens and the tea tray. Nothing so fancy would happen here, I'm afraid. I also enjoyed the peek into your garden, and your biscuit tin is truly wonderful---I'm quite sure the photos would make lovely cards. Gladys is the best! What fun it has been to visit with you today.

I took the plunge and downloaded Keynote on my iPad; now to find time to work through all your tutorials. My crafting has been limited to cards this month; still several to go, so you'd see lots of stamps, ink pads, and small bits of paper on my desk right now. Lots of reading, too about Istanbul and Greece. Just two weeks until we leave.

Yvonne Yam

Thank you for the tea and the gluten-free biscuits. I love the cosy corner of your kitchen.:) And my desk is clean today, after a messy day of creative indulgence yesterday. :)


What a lovely time we'd have over tea, Alexa! I would tell you all about the talented quilters in my family and how I finally found my own creativity in scrapbooking (despite always being the "smart, pretty one" LOL).

Paul B

Sounds very English, charming & quaint and it's won me over instantly :) If we can make it 4 o'clock in the afternoon then it would be perfect. As usual your enticing way with words sets the scene delightfully and I'm swept away in your beautifully crafted story. Your blog is always the perfect way to start a morning. Pxx


Thank you for the tea and company, it was so calming sitting in your lovely 'corner' As I left I hoped we might do it again, I feel so uplifted.


Thank you for the very warm welcome, it so lovely to stop by for a chat and meet another who makes tea in a teapot ... Aww bliss


Oh Alexa - your invite almost makes me feel as though I were truly there! Such a lovely view from the table - of course I'd be happy to sit and have a chat with you. I'd giggle over the things Gladys says. I'd share my creative past - how my Mom was a photographer and crafter and we did everything from sewing to macrame to cub scout crafts (she was an expert at making winning Pine Derby cars!). I would probably drool a bit over that beautiful tin. I'd ask you to show me some of the things you can do with your iPad - because that might actually spark me to want one - a place I haven't gotten to yet because I'm very much a "show me" kind of girl. I could probably bend your ear for quite a while about how my word "dare" is playing out in my life - just the fact that I'm sitting at your table would be a perfect example of a dare being lived out! When you remind me that it is time to go, I wouldn't want to leave. I'd give you big hugs and probably shed a tear or two on the way out the door. And I'd ask you to come visit me some time!


Funny, every time I see some of our local tea on the shelves here I think of you. I think we talked about local tea and flour before?

Your photos today are gorgeous..all that light beside your table!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah...I feel like I have actually been THERE with you, enjoying tea in your lovely kitchen space. You might find that you are missing Gladys when I'm gone - if she could fit in my bag unnoticed. Haha! I enjoyed reading this so much, Alexa, I was actually sad when our time together was over.

Missus Wookie

Oh this was lovely - what a nice visit!

Especially the chatting and daffodils :) So glad you had a warm kitchen to stop in.


Thank you Alexa - I have really enjoyed tea with you today. You made me feel so welcome and I am so touched you used your mum's tray cloth. I love Gladys - she must be very comforting to "chat" with - always supplyimg the right answer and just the right moment. Sharing tea with you I would let you how much it has meant to me knowing that you thought of me with such kindness and understanding this last 11 months - and how I have felt for you over your own loss. I would hug you and thank you properly for your support of my girl and speak of those great youngsters and their fundraising with pride. When we suddenly realised the time, I think here might be a few tears on my part as I left - and I would really want you to return the visit - next month perhaps?
Lovely to spend time with you Alexa - take care my friend. J x


My Grandma was was exactly the same with her cups of tea and having all the linens just so. She also made her own lace and crocheted the linen napkins - I would bring across some of hers so we could see them together, the detail is lovely.

Gladys makes me giggle, she's just the right sounding board I would imagine?!

I would be eager to discuss design elements and even though I am ignorant in terms of 'on the move scrapping' I would gratefully accept any tips and advice and then wonder at how you have done it all. I think I would nod in agreement over many aspects of our mutual love of the simple and perhaps our working areas may have some similarities.

I'd also like to chat about indoor plants and gluten free recipes ... by this stage I think you'd be wondering if I was ever going to leave ....... :)


haha! You are reading my mind Alexis :) when I saw your name on the linky I thought the two things I would love to see at your home would be Gladys and your backyard. Even if it was raining I would want to step outside to see your maple tree :)

If you were to come to my house I would show you my desk where along with all my scrappy bits and pieces you would see all my necessary electronics... my laptop, iPhone, BB playbook and my remote control to my new iPod docker. I would want to hear all about how your iPad is enriching your life... and I would really want to see your work close up.

I have no doubt you would be very attentive to every need a visitor may have! Thanks Alexis, I have enjoyed my cup of tea :)


hanging my head in shame Alexa, sorry - I have a friend named Alexis :(


oh, what a lovely spot, I think I'd be gazing out that lovely glass wall at the garden, as if I were sitting at your table I would have travelled to the other side of the world and would be so wide eyed at the difference in scenery and climate. But one thing would be the same, a good cuppa and a biccie are enjoyed just as much here as over there (and Gladys is AWESOME!)


Hi Alexa! this post is incredibly nice... I really want to go to your place and chat in the kitchen table, as we do in my parents' home; I love kitchens with space enough for that, is my favorite place for talking and drink a tea.
Thank you very much, really, I enjoyed your writing (as always)
big hugs


I am determined that one day we will meet up for that cuppa. I have had a lovely visit and enjoyed meeting Gladys. She made me smile. Enjoy the weekend x


In my experience, the kitchen table is often the friendliest and most comfortable place in a home--it looks like yours is all that and more. And who could go wrong with Gladys on hand?


Oh, I'd so love to be your guest ;)


You painted a lovely picture telling that story. Regards Kathy www.oursimpleandmeaningfullife.blogspot.com


Thank you for the very 'proper' cup of tea. I am missing England a little although not the weather. Love your table companion. I could do with having someone agreeable to listen to me these days.


I enjoyed meeting Gladys. I hope to catch up with her next time.

Chantal Vandenberg

This is such a cool post!!! What a great idea! xo


How very welcoming Alexa, and so like you. I always enjoy what you write about; you speak directly to your readers. Not having been on line for a while, it would seem I have missed some of your Keynote tutorials. I am looking forward to catching up as it's such a helpful guide to this iPad novice.
Thank you for sharing Gladys too. How could one not smile every time she came into view. That look; it's priceless.


Thanks for that spot of tea and conversation! I did quite enjoy it. It's been a while since I've been round and you did make me feel so very welcome, indeed! :) Hoping to visit my GreatGran in August. Perhaps we might really meet for a cuppa!

Julia Heald

Thank you so much for the tea - it really made me smile, as did Gadlys! I love that you serve tea on a tray with a cloth, I'm afraid it would be a tea bag in a mug in my kitchen but you would still be more than welcome and the conversation about scrapping, gardens and iPads would flow :)

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