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Thursday, 30 May 2013


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Thank your for the index card download! I will use it on PL this week!


Are you sitting on my shoulder? I have spent a few hours this morning talking to husband and making my first ever mind map because I am weighted down with PHD's (projects half done) .
I have already downloaded your brilliant pdf, will copy the quote, find a picture and it will be in front of my face in about 15 minutes. Feeling a bit nervous about the parcel :)

Jen Hart

Ahh what a shame she went away. Great card, thank you :)

Fiona@staring at the sea

That's a shame that the blackbird had to abandon her nest, but happy to hear it was an empty one. I have had much pleasure watching the starlings, feeding their chicks a breakfast of worms from our lawn, each morning.


shame about the blackbird, I am watching a recording of Springwatch as I love all the wildlife!!


I love your "thoughts" about the bird's nest! And thanks for sharing the card.

Jacky S

Shame for yourselves that the bird realised the risky position of the nest [before it was too late]...but I love the 'quote' you've written....something we all need to remember at times.


Lovely having nature so close on your doorstep. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I've been thinking of you a lot this week Alexa, trying to send a little vibe of peace and contentment your way :)

I have been reading Elin's blog for a few years now, she is a marvellous scrapper and her photography is absolutely fantastic.


such wise words - leaving a once all important project can be so hard

thanks for the fabulous download


Hooray for Homebrew! Am I really the only person to say this? They don't know what they are missing..

Barbara Eads

I love your little bit of news! The clematis and nest look interesting. Can't wait to see baby birds!


What a wise sentiment from the blackbird.


I love your bit of wisdom, Alexa....we should all remember that!
Alison xx


OMG, is that what is needed to make beer nowadays ? A whole new bathroom ? I will be back soon, I am curious to see what you got in your parcel.


So pleased the beer was a success Alexa. I love birds nesting where i can watch them, a lovely post as always x

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