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Monday, 22 April 2013


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Julie Jeavons

My life consists of worrying-about-the-things-I should-have-done-at-the-weekend-but-didn't-because-I-had-something-else-to-do-instead. Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

Jen Hart

That looks like fun indeed and the layout is lovely, nice clean lines but still conveys that it was a nice busy day.
Have a good week :)


Sounds like a fun weekend! I so know what you mean about space time continuum at a crop:)


sounds lots of fun and I love your line in the sand - between angled and lumpy

Paul B

Sounds like you had a brilliant creative weekend and what a wonderful layout has emerged from it :) Pxx


In addition to faster-than-normal time, there's the surprising "thud" as you return to real life because, for the day, weekend, whatever, you've absented yourself from real world activities. Sometimes it's hard waking up from a very pleasant dream...


Sounds like it was a fun weekend. Sorry no help with fairies here (I could do with a few myself). :) The layout looks great - love how you did the list.


So glad you had a nice time. Lovely to see you. If you find any of those fairies send a few this way. I have the washing machine on n the background but my crafting bag remains unemptied at my side. I will get round to it, I will.


Sounds like a very fun weekend. LOL at you can't do lumpy! I can't do simple. I think you need to invest in some new scissors.


Yes what is it between crafting with friends and time? Your Lo is, as always, lovely and inspiring. I have been trying to find/make some digital binders for ages, can you help me with a tutorial or link?


lol! So the lesson is DON'T use your scissors to open mod podge jars!! I rather miss attending crops since our local LSS closed down and I turned to the dark side (digital). It all sounds like you had great fun!


The scissors description got me - at least they're a versatile tool!


oooh - FUN weekend!


Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Can't remember the last time I went to a crop. I don't think any of my friends are still scrapbooking, and I never see any ads for crops.


Looks like you had a fun time, Alexa...and I couldn't agree more about crafty friends!
Alison xx


Looks like fun!


It sounds like a lot of fun!

I have a story about my fussy cutting scissors, maybe I've told you before - I pushed a pin into the top of a bottle of Glossy Accents to stop it clogging, then tried to use the scissors as a pair of pliers to pull it out. Of course, they slipped, I snipped the top if the nozzle off and now I drip big puddles of GA every time I try to use it..


It sounds like it was a lovely weekend & I really like the layout! It's so true, scrappers are so generous and easy to work with - loaning things, baking things, laughing, teaching, etc . . . .so much fun!


You sure learned a lot more than I did this past weekend :) Lovely way to present the lessons you've learned!


It sounds like it was good for the soul. Emilie does some fabulous things.
I giggled at the Mod Podge as I've been there lol.


I love the 'summary LO' you've produced, Alexa. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend - it was lovely to see you xx


sounds like a fun weekend x


I've seen some of Hazels lovely layouts from the weekend, and have to say that the techniques look fabulous

Emilie Chamel

It was so so good to get to meet you! I had a great weekend too and I am so happy you enjoyed it all! Until the next one! xxx

Missus Wookie

Sounds like a good weekend and crop. Have to confess I do love my distress inks and it took me many many years to go as "lumpy" as I now. Which is still not much :)


And lovely to see you too!


I always enjoy a things I learned list. Might be a fun way to wrap up each month now that I think of it. Thanks for the inspiration.


A wonderful layout - sounds like a fun weekend :-)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Crafters really are the best! Fab summary page.

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