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Monday, 01 April 2013


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Jen Hart

Thanks Alexa, wending my way back to work this morning so I will have a good look at it later, have a good week :)

Paul B

Beautiful layout Alexa, love how you've added that dash of bright colour without overwhelming the design with it. Such a skilled eye you have. And you must be sick of seeing snow by now lol. Pxx

Fiona@staring at the sea

The sight of those daffodils is enough to gladden the heart in the absence of warming sunshine.


I have to confess to being barely computer literate so I know I couldnt do what you do but I do enjoy reading through your comments on life and seeing the accompanying layouts. this one is especially striking with the bright colours contrasting against the black and white of the photograph.


Hi Alexa, I have been meaning to comment on this wonderful series you have begun about using the iPad. I am so grateful to you for sharing, as I have been sitting on the fence about getting an iPad and whether it could be used as a creative outlet. You create some wonderful layouts on it and those strips of colour on today's post brings the whole page together.


Another great "lesson!" And delightful layout. Love daffodils and what a great, happy find!

I have had daffs, too, this week but alas, they were found in the grocery store~bright and cheerful, none the less.

So, now I know where our snow has gone ~ you got it! Here's hoping that the big meltdown has begun!

Looking fwd to the next installment.



What a wonderful surprise to have those daffodils greet you! Nothing blooming here yet. But it has to come soon, right???

Missus Wookie

Daffodils always make me smile - good example of how blossoming away to oneself can whisk you from back garden obscurity to centre stage if you just keep going :)

Thanks for the pdf, downloaded and will read later.

Karen Walker

I'm hoping to find some daffodils when we return home tomorrow, but it's not too likely. We heard they had another quarter inch of snow last night. It's going to be hard to leave sunny, warm Oregon---who knew it would be so much nicer here? Thanks in advance for the pdf. I'm hoping to get it all under my belt before my next trip.


Thanks for all these great tips Alexa...I have now got GOODREADER on my IPad and have downloaded your tutorial! What a lovely surprise these days must have been..take care my friend!
Alison xx


Glory hole. I love that. I may have to borrow it.


Fabulous Alexa! I love your interpretation. Thanks so much for checking in and playing along - you made my day!


Thank you VERY much for these tutorials Alexa!! I'm learning a lot, specially with the keynote series, as I've never used it before
thanks again

Lisa Ransom

Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog and lovely to visit yours too



We don't have a Gory Hole but we do have a Tidily Room, where the washing machine and other utilities can be found! We're moving closer to ipad purchase, I think, having played with my sister's today. Little E was showing me what it could do..


What a treat those daffodils must have been, especially when you were probably expecting nothing but drudgery as you worked in the outbuilding. And now, preserved in a layout, you can celebrate the find over and over again.

And, thanks again, for the iPad/Keynote series. The info is interesting and useful.

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