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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


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This is such a lovely, touching and funny moment. The quote on the cup reminds me of one similar but I think I might save it for a while. :) My moment will be up in a while. I am having a very slow start today. x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah...the joys of aging. It happens to the best of us. However, not everyone can describe it quite as eloquently as you, Alexa. I love the sentiment on the cup, and I smiled when I read that you notice things like the font on a coffee cup as I do. ;o)

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ah, the joys of aging - but not everyone can describe it quite as eloquently as you can, Alexa. I smiled when I read that you notice things like the font on coffee cups - I do too! ;o)

Paul B

Haha I crack & pop on an hourly basis lol & there's normally a dawn chorus of cracks when both Nick & I first get up in the morning and totter round the bedroom. Another smashing layout with superb journalling. Great photo of the mug too. Pxx

Jacky S

I really don't think the last part of that quote applies to you at all,Alexa.....your memory seems absolutely perfect to me.....and a lot better than mine!!

Julie Kirk

It was nice to get a peek into your life at work ... but also a little odd. Like when you see someone you know, out of context, and your brain gets a bit fuddled!

I'm enjoying recording my moments [something I've done from time to time anyway ... but not in any regular / formal way] but now I'm joining in I feel I'm collecting moments. Bottling them. Setting them on a shelf.

Thanks for the inspiration.



Love the coffee cup, Love your moment. My knees crack too! Have since I was a teenager. Had to do squats before I walked down the aisle at my wedding so they wouldn't pop when I kneeled at the altar!


P.S. Thanks so much for adding me to the Linky!


my knees crack, my hips shot and I can't remember most of it! oh the joys! lol!
a lovely work moment Alexa xx


Another perfectly described moment from you. I really like that mug ...

Jen Hart

Lovely Alexa, a nice ordinary moment captured beautifully :)


Lovely Alexa.
I hope your hip is not giving you any more trouble. The joys of being over 21!


This is nice...the idea of your mentally blowing kisses and sending hugs is very special. I also appreciate the detail you provide about the walk between the kitchen and your office. Who knew there was so many discreet elements necessary to make it from one place to the other? And, BTW, I love the mug trim on your scrapbook page too.


Thank-you! and glad you liked the mug trim - I made it myself just using lines and shapes in Keynote :).


As usual, a really nice moment... and I love your mug trim, you're an artist!!
it's very hard to have your people far away from you... living in a different country than my family I know very well what's that


The colours of the layout match your gentle writing ... despite the cracks and pops!
I've been thinking of people far away this week too, imaging what they are doing and their reactions to certain pieces of news and how they are coping. I have my moment recorded - though, it sort of stretches out through a whole day!


Thanks so much for hostessing. It's great to see so many people joining in. And I found your moment very heart warming.


It's lovely! I have been enjoying a wonderful selection of moments from all over the world this morning. Bravo on the the collecting :)


A lovely simple moment and one I can relate too :0)


What a perfect mug for a memory keeper like you! Loved the punched line at the end of your moment.... oh the joys of aging!


I laughed too when I first saw that mug on your photo. I really felt I was in the moment with you, cracking knees and all!


Oh Alexa, I always enjoy stopping by to share in your moment! The perfect mug for your moment!


My knees have been cracking since college. I laughed out loud the moment I saw the mug on your page. Another vividly captured moment.


Got any more of those mugs? That is priceless. Won't even go there with the knees. Hope you can get into your computer - surely your brain will prove how infallible it is!



Glad I stopped in a shared a cuppa - it's been a while. I'm sorry. The twists and turns in life, eh? Shared your chuckle with you too!


Another lovely peak into your life - I love the way you write :) Love the words on the mug too, they made me laugh xx

Fiona@staring at the sea

I always enjoy these little peeks into your every day life Alexa and the few others I read from around the blogosphere. I've had 30 years of cracking knees too!


Sorry to be late to the party, Alexa....a lovely moment...and the sentiment on the mug made ME laugh too!
Alison xx


My knees have cracked since I was a child. Such a nice moment and that mug cracked me up.


I am so late to the party this month Alexa - so sorry - I seem to have spent my time foolishly this month - without achieving anything at all!! I have laughed out loud at this "Moment" - I could so empathise with so much of it!
I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU - for running this meme - without it - and Sian's "Storytelling Sundays" I would have nothing on my blog this year. I have done a lot of blog reading in the wee small hours since June last - though to my shame - not much commenting. I think I am trying not to disturb my beloved - in my head anyway, since I do so much of it on the iPad. Anyway - I wanted you to know how much I value your friendship - all-be-it - "long-distance". Take care my friend. J xx


cute mug :) I agree with Julie - It's nice to see a glimpse into your work life! :)

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