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Monday, 08 April 2013


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Julie Jeavons

I'm not sure about opacity, but they don't make gloss paint with as much gloss anymore. It's all this solvent free mallarky. Being environmentally friendly has its price.

Jen Hart

We just painted our bathroom, I feel your pain about paint sista!

Lovely scrapping, I am going to get keynote and follow along with your class, I am, I really am! I have never made lemon drizzle cake I realised so now tips from here sorry.

Have a good week.


What a lovely page to start the week :0 The cake looks delicious and being that it is gluten free my (wild) guess as to its softness and crumbliness (?!) is that it was made with almond flour... We have been using it to make scones and they are most and to die for!


We brought paint last week too - he was grumbling about how it doesn't cover like it used too! lovely page and the cake does look mouthwatering x


I can relate to the cafe habit. Don't be so busy that u forget next week. List of supplies is up.

Paul B

Lovely little journalling card & pocket. I'm afraid I can't help regards the cake. I've never cooked gluten free. Mind you, I have been hearing a lot about making pizza bases using cauliflower and one of the Sunday magazines had a recipe so I may try that out. Hope you are still enjoying the marzipan (that's Nick's favourite treat too - I normally buy him some when the European markets come to town). Pxx


..and paint is always so surprisingly pricey too. For some reason I think it should be a lot more affordable. Though I say the same thing about wool too..

There is something lovely and upbeat about a post pulling lots of bits together at the beginning of the week. Great stuff!


The cake looks scrummy, bakin's not really my thing 'cause it's only me that would eat it! I love your page, beautiful as ever.

Fiona@staring at the sea

My own lemon drizzle is not gluten free, I'm afraid, but I'm thinking that one may be made with ground almonds as there appear to be some on top. I've also seen a version (on the BBC Good Food website) made with....wait for it....mashed potato!


I always enjoy a good musing shared with friends. I love that life is made up of bits and pieces, people and places, and the occasional sweet. Lovely post.


Love the bits of scrappy goodness! Sounds like a busy but productive week ahead!


Not being a baker, I am not sure how the cake turns out so but it looks delicious. ps: my letters are traced from some Dear Lizzy die cut cards and then coloured in with a brush dipped in mist.

Karen Walker

I have a wonderful lemon cake recipe given to me by a parent while I was teaching. I have no idea if it's anything like the one you had. We think that paints today are not anywhere as durable as they were just a few years ago. Tracy recently got a recommendation from a professional painter about an additive that will improve the quality of today's paints.


That lemon drizzle cake looks delicious! Lovely page as always and I can connect with your sadness of giving up your allotment. I forgo mine 2 years ago and miss it - but also wonder how on earth I ever had time to do what I did while I had it!
If it's only consolation some of my 'stuff' from the allotment is still around the garden waiting to be reused. I'm hoping to do some small scale vegetable growing in the garden this year :)
How lovely that you and your Dad are enjoying café habits - especially if lemon drizzle cakes like this are on the menu!!


Hope you're able to make good on that garden stuff soon! Love the photos today - very green and cheery.


I don't want to disillusion you...but, I read an article a few months ago about at least one of the differences between homemade baked goods and what you find in the stores--preservatives! And, of course, I have no idea if gluten-free and preservatives can be said in the same sentence. So--do the best you can, don't worry too much how it looks, and enjoy it while it's fresh...

Jacky S

I'm hoping for weather that will actually let me get on with using my plant pots,compost etc.....no sign of it yet!!


Hope you've been able to get out in the garden Alexa...quite a bit of tidying and planting here this week!
Alison xx


We need to get some paint and as for the garden after 3 days of pouring rain and freezing rain it needs to dry up a bit what with being on clay.

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