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Tuesday, 09 April 2013


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Paul B

This is a terrific series Alexa. Love that we're getting an insight into how you produce your wonderful scrapbook pages. You've certainly embraced the digital age :) Pxx

Missus Wookie

Oh these are lovely - I am looking forward to sitting down and working through them - just have to get Keynote :)


I've tried twice in Safari to post a comment today, and both disappeared in thin air. Here's another attempt with a big thanks for this series!

Tracey Holdyk

WOW these are fantastic. I am planning to sit down tonight, download PDFs and see what all this is about. I love that I could possibly do this on my iphone... still working on getting an ipad LOL.
Thanks for this is great
love me :-)


Wow Alexa! I'm so impressed with your tutorials and am looking forward to using them to explore scrapbooking on my iPad. Thank you x


Awesome series, I am going to point some iPhone friends this way. SweetGirl and I both have Androids.


Like Mrs Wookie, I just need to get the Keynote App...I'm really enjoying all this info, Alexa..thanks so much for sharing it!
Alison xx

Jen Hart

I have just spent a nice afternoon playing with newly downloaded keynote :) It is quite intuitive but your instructions are just fab, I would never have puzzled stuff out on my own. I will share some stuff as soon as possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I'm so enjoying all this information Alexa. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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