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Thursday, 18 April 2013


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Isn't it amazing what you can do on your mobile phone? Thank you for sharing such a detailed tutorial on something I'd never even thought of,
Jo xxx


These lessons are just amazing! I'm dragging my feet in trying it all out---I realize I have an inherent fear of new technology until I just get in there and do it.


Thank you for these Alexa. I am amazed at your talent for creativity on phones and iPads!


I've only recently learnt how to save a colour swatch in PS ... my first customised colour is called Over at Our Place blue - ha! There is so much to learn .. you are opening up so many possiblities I had not even thought of!


I haven't tried Keynote, but I just have to say it is so wonderful of you to offer these tutorials!!

Jen Hart

Oh thank you for these, I have indeed tried creating on the move. My job unfortunately isn't particularly creative on the 'making stuff' front and just yesterday for example I went for a walk in my lunch break to sweep away the cobwebs, took my camera to listen to something, took a couple of photos and then went and sat in the car in the sunshine for a while and turned it into a (basic) layout for project life. What a nice thing to do, so thank you so much for this series of tutorials, I look forward to the next one. x

Jen Hart

That would be that I took my phone with me to listen to something and took a couple of photos on it...I guess you figured that out though :)

Paul B

Fascinating to read how you choose colours with Keynote. A great tutorial on how to add them to your project. Pxx


Hello Alexa!
thank you very much for your lessons, it's incredible how much you know!!


Thanks so much for all this wonderful info Alexa. I haven't tried it yet but hope to soon. Thanks for those downloads. Now to go downstairs and get my iPad.

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