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Friday, 12 April 2013


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Wow that armful of rhubarb looks wonderful - sadly I have never been very successful at growing it.
I like the idead of washi tape used as a hinge and using the backs of pages for more photos or journalling. I've just posted a mini book I made using the same technique only I sewed the pages on this occasion.
Have a great weekend, Alexa x


Wonderful job of lifting the design from the advertisement! Not a rhubarb fan personally and my one experience with a gluten-free product was less than pleasant. Easier for me to just avoid the wheat products altogether than try wheat-free substitutes!

Missus Wookie

Lovely lift of the ad and thanks for the reminder.

My rhubarb here succumbed - not much from either plant sadly. I'm waiting until the next garden as that and Asparagus are two I plan to plant :)


It's funny, rhubarb seems to be an unkillable plant- Mum and Dad have it in their very large vegetable garden and whenever there have been floods, there it is, the rhubarb, still going strong!

I was just working out dates yesterday as I knew the 15th was fast approaching, it's the first day back at school and work after the holidays, I am glad that I will have a full day to account for!


I love rhubarb. And the longer I scrap the more I have learned to appreciate white space. I'll keep in mind to pause for a few moments this weekend. Take care, Alexa.


What a great jumping off point. I'm looking forward to a simple moment, too.

Jacky S

I always love how you manage to make such great pages with your 'advert inspirations'.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Washi tape is a brilliant hinge isn't it! These look fabulous - so colourful, crisp and clean!


I recall having rhubarb pie when I was young--our grandfather had that in his orchard/garden along with who knows what else. It seems to me it took an extraordinary amount of sugar to move it toward edible, but that may be because my 5-year-old palate wasn't mature enough to appreciate it.

I didn't realize your "simply a moment" was open for so long--with any luck, I'll get my act together to participate.


Thanks for the reminder Alexa. Rhubarb, I miss my mums. I have to rely on Waitrose! Lovely pages.

Paul B

Love how you can take inspiration from an ad and turn it into superb, polished layouts. We used to have an allotment when I was a kid. We used to have plenty of rhubarb and that other difficult fruit, gooseberries. There are only a couple of recipes you can do with each fruit and Mum always had a freezer full to try and be inventive with. Not easy lol. Pxx


I'm the only rhubarb fan in this house. Bit of a shame, really..

Hope your weekend is a fine one :)


This is AWESOME! Really great. I love how you think.


I've used that washi trick a time or two; fabulous isn't it? Fabulous spot of Project Life you have going on there!

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