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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


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Simple serendipitous synchronicity indeed! Thank you for the reminder, I have the perfect moment I savored this very day :)


Oooh, now that is a nudge indeed! I am wondering how my day will unfold already and when the best time to record my moment will be.


An indoors deckchair? Sounds lovely! I like your "all on a misty morning" photos too


I have it on my calendar, in fact, for months to come for SAM has become one of my favorite ways to capture my everyday moments, whatever they may be. Til tomorrow...
And now, off to read the PDF, sitting in my recliner...your deck chair is so fitting for this blog.

Julie Kirk

Isn't it wonderful how the words that are meant to find us ... find us? So affirming!

I'm so glad you reminded me - I'll certainly be plucking a moment tomorrow. I've made layouts of my previous 2 blog entries and hope to keep it up all year. We'll see!

p.s: you're welcome! x


What a lovely phrase. I love simply a moment Alexa. It really makes me stop and think.

Karen Walker

I've never heard of wabi-sabi, but I've already downloaded the pdf. I love the "embrace imperfection" phrase as that's what I'm having to do with my experiments in art journaling this year.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I certainly like the idea of embracing imperfections and celebrating happy accidents :o) A beautifully evocative panorama.


Thanks for the reminder Alexa....I will try to remember!
Alison xx


lovely photos and i have a special occasion to attend tomorrow so I hope to take my moment then! Look forward as always to reading yours x


Such a gorgeous image today. Oh my! Such beauty!


I have never heard of wabi-sabi but it certainly connects with me. I may just have to buy the book. And I have a lovely vision of you in the deckchair with a big smile - justly deserved!

Andy Lean

They are such fantastic photographs, with great textures and colours. Your landscape has such an ethereal quality. Andy

Suzanna L

What a lovely misty morning, my kind of morning!


I'd love to spend a moment this weekend with some Golden products!


Every month I say I must do that but.... Hopefully this month I will.

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