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Friday, 15 March 2013


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

Thanks for sharing your moment with us, Alexa. I always enjoy reading your pieces, and I find myself being pulled into your moment, wanting it to continue...

Jen Hart

Yes, I agree, you completely draw us in and it is a beautiful snapshot that will tell you much, much more when you look back on it.


Tea and toast ~ the cure for all ills. Thanks for sharing such a beautifully drawn moment.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Nothing like a good, hot cup of tea ... can't help wishing that you'd had time to take your coat off as well ... you need a bit more YOU time!


Nothing like tea and toast. Beautifully captured moment x


Such a beautiful post and layout as always Alexa.


I am glad you made the most of your alone time, no matter how short it was! You made it sound luxurious and you made me smile in the process! Thanks for sharing it with us :)


Wow. What a lovely record of those few rare moments when we are alone wondering how to fill them.

Suzanna L

Another lovely moment Alexa. And it would appear that Dad did well for himself; good on him! And you for entrusting him that time.


Oh Alexa, what a lovely moment you've captured. I loved reading about your Dad's determination to do something on his own! I'm sure these "free" moments are hard to come by right now, so I'm glad you've captured this so beautifully.


Simply perfect! I can't believe it's time for our moments again already. This is one of my favorite monthly exercises and I will make time for it soon.

Paul B

Interesting moment, superbly captured. Made me stop and think. I have plenty of time to myself and have never stopped to think about how it must feel when, what I take for granted, is for some, a rarity. However, tea and toast is a perfect solution for filling ten minutes. For me, it's Lapsang and a crumpet with butter or yoghurt or occasionally honey.


Well done Dad! & I hope you had time to SIT and ENJOY your tea & toast :)


A simple moment but perfect.


This is your way of journalling Alexa, and I absolutely LOVE it. Your voice comes across very powerfully in these "moments".


Your writing is so descriptive Alexa....hope your dad enjoyed his half hour,....I agree with Jemma about the coat!!
Alison xx


Sometimes 10 minutes is all we have....tea and toast sound perfect. A lovely read Alexa x


Oh, so delighted that your Dad felt like trying some time on his own and that you got some you time. Interesting that you started out having to force yourself to focus on using it on yourself. As always I could visualize everything you wrote about.


It's a wonderful moment..and I like the photo very much. The colours draw me in


I have those moments too when I just can't seem to decide how to spend them...and then, tea! Pops in my mind and it is suddenly so crystal clear...and perfect!
So love this monthly way of documenting and sharing and most importantly, taking the time to fully experience a moment. We owe you tremendous thanks for encouraging and inviting us to join in with you. Here's to many more ...


Hello Alexa!
I like your Simply A Moment, and I think I'll participate... in my "this year" personal determination to improve my writing I think this really beautiful proposal of you is just perfect.
I love your text, and I love your picture, this is other of my "must improve" skills...
but the one and only way of improving is trying, so there I go!!


What a wonderful way to spend ten minutes. I am off to write my piece very soon. Thanks for sharing your moment :-)

Julie Kirk

Another beautiful piece Alexa. Another chance to stand right beside you, even from this distance.

I loved the image of you letting your energy go throughout the house and to me - even if there was no one else there to receive it - I don't think it would have gone entirely to waste. Like having radiators in rooms where there aren't any peopel: they keep the whole house warm just the same. x


My dear grandmother was a great believer in tea curing all ills. I hope yours was a restorative cuppa before you recommenced those daily tasks. As always, your photograph and page are stunning, those gorgeous shades of grey.

Julia Heald

Mmmm tea & toast. A perfect way to fill 10 minutes. Lovely prose as always :)

Julia Heald

Thanks for your lovely comments Alexa. I can't claim any skill for the photo other than I googled "dawn chorus" for an image and that appeared straight away!


Oh my - - you paint such a wonderful picture with words Alexa - always I feel as if I could be stood right next to you.This - and Sian's Storytelling Sundays are really helping me keep in touch with "www friends" across the world - - and for that I am so very grateful. Thank you. J x


Oh. Wow. Alexa, your prose breathes a little bit of beauty into the everyday.

Missus Wookie

Oh I'm glad you got your tea and toast, hope the staying at the library worked out for your Dad and that you get ten minutes on your own again soon.

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