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Monday, 25 March 2013


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Paul B

Phew!!!! Having seen the title of your post before opening it up and then reading the opening paragraph before looking at the photo, I was already gearing myself up to write something genuine and heartfelt about you becoming a grandma to a new family member. A subject, as you know, I have little experience to draw on. So you can imagine the wide smile and laugh of relief that came when the penny finally dropped. Now this is something where I can completely understand all the care and nurturing that's required and the joy experienced when the due date comes around. Love your sense of humour and style. Hope the weather improves for you soon. We've been lucky here and had no snow at all. Stay warm. Pxx


We haven't had a flake of snow. That's because we have our own little micro climate here in Newport. We are on the estuary you see, not only that our estuary actually goes out into.....another estuary this makes us have different air temperatures to ordinary places. Then there is the mountain, Twm Barlym isn't technically a mountain but it is ours and it is tall with a pimple on the top - just like the film - and this protects us from notherly weather.
So I have a little envy for the white stuff, not enough to want it here but just enough to miss the thought of snowmen and sledging

Julie Jeavons

Don't worry - the thaw is on its way.


Oh, you have taken me right back to my Dad's hotpress experiments! I love this..

..and I'm another one hoping you are staying warm and comfortable


LOL! Hope the beer tastes good!

Jacky S

After all of Himself's care and attention....I do hope it turns out well....we stick to sloe gin here....delicious.


That baby sounds fussier than the real thing!


Oh what memories came flooding back when I read your post. My father used to make the stuff! What I remember the most was the smell! Hops and malt and the counting down the days 'til it was ready.


Very funny! I do hope that the baby/beer will not be overdue and you get your shower back as soon as possible!


Here's hoping the reward is worth the anticipation. It does look like quite the undertaking...


ha ha! I so remember my dads beer making days when I was a young child. The airing cupboard was a hive of activity and i remember my mum and dad getting sloshed on it :))


Wow.. that is an impressive piece of kit!! We've made wine and beer for years, with gaps. I will be interested to hear how yours turns out.
Hope the weather improves soon, we've escaped most of the snow and have just had a smattering and high cold wind. Sounds like you have had our share..... Brrrrrrrrr!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Eeek this is NOT the weather to be having power problems. Thanks for giving me a laugh today - hoping you'll be able to wet the baby's head soon!


We had one of those babies for a while - TE lost interest after so many varying degrees of alcohol were discovered!

Missus Wookie

Ah home brew - one of my nephews is very into that, makes 'proper ale'. My Grantie made huge amounts of wine - some of which we're still cracking open on special occasions.

Like the way the title continues the black line - draws the eye so nicely. Was telling a friend about your scrapping in Keynote and they were intrigued as they use it for work.


I was a tad confused about the baby so had to reread your post and your LO a few times. I hear the weather is bad down your way so hope you are all keeping warm.

Suzanna L

Welcome to the new addition to your home and may s/he quickly brew for your cleanliness!! LOL!! I look forward to reading on regarding mobile scrapping as we are shortly departing for a holi-jolly as the kids love to call holidays in the car.

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