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Saturday, 23 March 2013


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Jen Hart

Excellent instructions Alexa. I learned how to do this a few months ago when I bought a macbook. I am looking forward to the next post as I know no more about it :)

Paul B

Excellent guide Alexa. An excellent source of material for how to manage photos. I'm always amazed by large amounts of photos stored on iphones etc. I don't know why but I am almost compulsive in taking them off mine and putting onto a computer. I don't think i've ever had more than 20 photos stored in my camera roll lol. Pxx


This is a labor of love for sure! Your post and the accompanying pdf are both beautifully, and thoroughly, presented. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my iDevices this weekend. Thank you!


This is a wonderful tutorial Alexa, so beautifully presented. Now all I need is to hear your voice reading it to me. x


Fantastic instructions Alexa! I am thinking of moving to an iphone in the summer and this is so useful for explaining how I could get my photos from the phone to my mac! Do you know if this would work with instagram shots? Would a photo edited with instagram be sent to the cloud?


Hi Abi, and glad you found it useful :). I've downloaded Instagram to my iphone to have a play, and (even though I declined all its attempts to get me to share my photo of yet more snow here!) it saved the photo to my Camera Roll, and opened a new album for me automatically called Instagram with the photo inside it already. So this should work fine for you too when you get your iphone. Do you have any other Apple devices, like a desktop, laptop or ipad? If you don't, then your phone will have nowhere to stream your photos to. But you could email a photo to yourself so you could pick it up on your computer, and pop it into your Project Life. Or you could get a free Dropbox account (which is in the 'cloud') and then you can open up Dropbox on your computer and download them from there. If that brings up any other questions, then do let me know!


my friend has a similar thing for her phone where it automatically uploads pictures she's taken to an Internet storage space so she can view them via iPhone or computer. Very clever,
Jo xxx


Glad you liked it, Miriam :). As I am not very keen on the sound of my own voice, it might be a while before I ever do a video! Thank-you for all your encouragement.


Hi Jo! Yes, these new aspects of technology are really interesting, and glad to hear of others using them too. You can also make items/photos in your storage-in-the-cloud box available to invited others, so as a family we can share our photos easily across many miles. Nice to see you and thank-you for popping in :).

Fiona@staring at the sea

This looks very comprehensive Alexa. I am Apple free, but will be sure to pass this on to my friends who have the appropriate kit.


Your instructions are so clear and concise. I probably should have taken a course on the iPhone when I got it as I'm sure there are lots more things I don't know how to utlilize, but I'm very grateful to know about Photostream. I won't be able to tell unitl we return home, but I hope my version of IPhoto is new enough to sync the photos on my iMac. Thanks again for doing this. I know it represents a LOT of work on your part.


interesting stuff Alexa...thank you for the tutorial - I will definitely be taking this onboard x thank you x


I'll be keeping this in mind for when I upgrade my phone and talk the powers that be into buying an ipad. I do like the idea of a photo on one appearing on the other..must make blogging easier!


I just book marked this and will get back to it soon. thanks so much!


You have put such a lot of time and effort into this, Alexa...very much appreciated I can assure you!
Alison xx


An update: I had every intention of practicing these techniques when you originally posted them but, as often happens, real life intervened to keep from this. I was drawn back to this because I've been taking BPC's Phone Photography Project class this month. I haven't taken all that many photos but I did want to develop a workflow for phone photos that made sense.

What I finally settled on after re-reading this lesson is to activate My Photostream. That made the most sense to me because photos I take on either my iPhone or iPad can be seen on either device as well as on my PC. I prefer to edit the photos on my iPad because of the extra real estate it offers.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into developing this series. It's been very helpful to me.

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