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Monday, 11 March 2013


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Katie B

looks like so much fun.


Alexa, your imagination is wonderful ... not to mention your creativity!


Looks like u had fun.

Jen Hart

Excellent way to describe it all, looks so much fun :)

Jacky S

Love it,Alexa....so creative....and you've managed to get all the highlights in.


Oh that's brilliant! really made me chuckle:)


So clever and funny - you have the language nailed

Paul B

Clever idea, following on the theme of a magazine layout. Superbly executed too. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Pxx

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Inspired! You are SO good with words and photos Alexa - I love it!


You are so clever Alexa, absolutely loving your magazine xx


So creative and clever and looks like you had loads of fun. x


Oh, go on..print it up! It's so much fun..and what a wonderful souvenir it is. I'd be hanging it on my wall if I'd been there. I love it.


I've just loved seeing the photos on everyone's blog, but oh my this is just to fabulous for words. How very very clever


Love the way you are presenting this - what a talent you have for journalism and publishing!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Fantastic! Where do I subscribe?


Oh Alexa...this is wonderful!...you are so imaginative and creative!
Alison xx


oh Alexa - you are so very clever and creative. I love it x


Alexa, you blow me away every time. Your posts are so exciting and unexpected. Loving this take on the weekend and your imagination is without limit!! A big smile on my face as I go to bed :)


Beautiful photography, this bought a huge smile up me face. I really hope there will be more x

Jennifer Grace

Ha ha, I love the 'one person's grot is another one's hot' comment! x


* my face!

Julie Jeavons

Oh Alexa that is priceless. So witty.

Julia Heald

That is inspired! I could sit and read that magazine quite happily with a cuppa and a slice of cake! Looks like you had a fab weekend :)

Karen Walker

This is just the most fabulous idea ever! What a great way to capture a fun weekend!


{sigh}. Looks like you had so-o-o much fun! And such a clever, original way to share the weekend. Just awesome!



What a playful and creative approach to the page - love it!


This is unbelievably cool Alexa! I was not even there but I'd love to flip the pages of this mag! :D I have to add that Twinchies intrigue me!


This is just absolutely perfect :D


What a neat idea! I love it!


You lucky gal. This looks amazing.

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