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Friday, 08 March 2013


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Clever idea and lovely to see faces I recognise!


Looks like a fun group. I see at least 3 faces I recognize - can't pick Alison out of this group though!


Lovely photo! Love the fun cover treatment! Can't wait to hear the 'inside' story:) Still wish I'd been there with you.


What a great cover page - I think you got the price just right!


Love the cover treatment,Alexa.....and 'priceless' it definately was!!

Jacky S

Hmmmm....I seem to have turned into 'Have' on your blog as well as Karen's.....very strange!!!

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

LOL - very clever!


What fun and originality! Looks like y'all had a super time. Eager to see/learn more.


Paul B

Can;t wait to hear all about your weekend. What a lovely treat to give yourself. Love the faux magazine cover. Inspired as always :) Please wave your magic wand and send some of your brilliant design skill and mojo my way.


It's brilliant! I just love it..bet you could do a line in framed prints :)


Oh, brilliant! *happy sigh* :) I had such a great time - just been blogging about it myself and reliving it! Love how you've presented this, Alexa x


Alex's - it was lovely to have met you and seen you at work. What you have done with the photo is fantastic, a super keepsake of the weekend x


Brilliant idea Alexa, you are a very clever lady x


Very clever Alexa...love it!!
Alison xx

Jen Hart

Brilliant, I love the mag, I bet it would tell a tale or two if we could read the content. I have been retreating this week, lovely thing to do isn't it!


Love it love it love it!!!!

Karen Walker

Another totally creative take on what appears to have been just a superb weekend!


Looks fabulous! You ladies look famous on the cover and I even recognize a few of you ;)

Fiona@staring at the sea

How very clever. I love it! Lovely to see so many familiar faces x

Missus Wookie

Now that is a magazine I'd buy and it wouldn't sit for months on the pile! :lol: What a clever ipad you have, thanks for the inspiration to learn to play with it more. :^)

Deb @ PaperTurtle

You are so clever, Alexa! I love this post with your magazine cover layout. Cute, cute, CUTE! And all those smiling faces - some of whom I recognize - priceless, as you said on your cover. I can't wait to read more!


It makes me so happy to see so many faces that are special to me. Know it had to be a great weekend, will be back Monday for the details.


This is great! And so many faces I recognise too!


Love it Alexa! You are ingenious, can't wait to open the page and see what is to come next!


Oh this is So clever! I do love your "Cover". The photo is great - I must scrap it very soon. Mind you, I must write a Blog Post about the Weekend very soon...
It was great to see you again, Alexa - and good that you stayed all weekend this time. I hope you'll be able to come along to the next weekend - or the one after.
I did enjoy my little while, sitting at "your end" of the table, chatting with you, K, Jemma, Ruth etc.
Have a good week; I'll be watching out for the next blog post!


It looks like a fun and crafty group to me. I cannot wait to hear more of your exploits.


You are so clever Alexa! Love the 'cover'


Love this photo and how it's presented! I can't imagine I would have been able to scrap with all these wonderful women in the same room, I'm. Sure there was much laughter and good storytelling :)

Jennifer Grace

I love how you made this into a magazine cover! Don't we all look like a very sensible bunch?!! Thanks for being my room-mate, and not minding that I crept into the bedroom at 2.45am! x

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