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Saturday, 16 February 2013


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Jen Hart

Gorgeous story and intriguing for the reader. Glad you saved the daff :)

Have a nice weekend. x


What a beautifully described moment ~ so glad the daff lived to fight another day!

Paul B

Another superb piece of writing. I can't begin to tell you how riveting and spellbinding I find your prose. i just love reading the details and minutiae that you temporarily hold under a microscope. The tale of the daffodil is especially sweet. Stay strong my friend and enjoy your weekend with family :) Pxx


Beautiful arrangement - glad you put the daff back, it would have only annoyed you having a gap. Great page and writing. Xx


Amazing how well you can describe the humanity in a flower.

Karen Walker

Yes, I can relate to the daffodil story, though I know I would not have told it so well. I'm sorry to hear about the job, and hope there is some resolution soon.

Barbara Eads

I just love your "simply a moment" concept. Each month I say I'm going to join in, but then the time gets away. One of these days...


Loved to read your 'moment' this month. Sorry that there is still no clear path on the job front - good luck :) xx


A lovely 'moment' story. Sorry to hear that there is still indecision on the job front, in some ways, not knowing what is going to happen is almost worse than knowing that it is bad news. Hard to make plans when you don't know for sure. Hope that the daff makes it through a couple more days.

Julia Heald

So well written Alexa...and your daffodils are beautiful. I'm so glad you stuck the droopy one back in the pot!


..and some bright spring - yellow sunshine right back to you Alexa :)


I hope you had a wonderful visit with them. I love the ending and am left wondering what a walnut roast is?


I love the daffodil's dark revenge! excellent piece. Oh and The crocodile was first pointed out by my beloved mother-in-law during the phase of the dementia when she was still compose mentis but kept forgetting and the only way to calm her was to take her out in the car. Father-in-law was driving over 1,000 miles a week so Mr M would do the driving on his day off work. every time they drove along that particular road she would recognise something and tell them to watch out fro the crocodile. So now it is Mam's crocodile even though she no longer knows.


I found the PDF to be a helpful reminder this month - thanks!
My post goes up tomorrow.
Love your moment.


So much happens in the small moments, beautiful writing about so many thoughts - enjoy your weekend Alexa, I hope the lasagne was delicious!


Another lovely moment Alexa...I do hope the job situation is clarified soon...hoping to post my moment tonight
Alison xx


it will all work out on the job front i'm sure. A lovely moment, captured beautifully x


A lovely moment and so well written. I'm glad the daffodil survived and hope that your job situation will sort itself out soon.


Those yellow flowers made me smile & your story is so wonderfully told! Praying that all will work out with the job situation & you have a lovely visit.


You havesuch a way with words Alexa - they paint pictures in my head. I am sure the job situation will resolve itelf for the best. Thinking of you my friend and keeping you in my prayers. J x

Julie Kirk

I have no doubt that something will find you - workwise - when you need it. Sending all positive thoughts your way.

My Dad was popping round to my house today and I too did a quick flurry around bashing at dust and plumping pillows .... as if that's what he came to check!



Pretty poetic moment I'd say. I love the photo too!


Lots of thoughts can cross our minds in a matter of a moment or two, can't they. Thanks for sharing these.


Let me try this again! Really like this. Not ready to commit yet but would love the opportunity. Nutty bread Yum!


Lovely moment Alexa, you really do have away with words. I was intrigued by the walnut roast, and smiled at your tussle with the daffodil.


I am smelling the walnut roast and loving the sunny daffs. I am always excited by the arrival of daffodils but none of mine are out yet. Not long though.


Yes me too, rooting for the daff! Your beautiful arrangement would have had a great big gap in it had you won ;)

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Awesome. I always enjoy your beautifully written stories, Alexa. Keep your chin up!

Missus Wookie

I have a soft spot for Daffs - even the ones with floppy stems that need support. My paperwhites have leaned against the window and collapse if turned away. I can understand that - at this time of year I need to soak up all the sun I can get.

Empathising with you on the job front.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Lovely writing & beautiful flowers - a bowl of spring sunshine!


I love this simple, peaceful moment.


The daffodils are gorgeous, just like your writing. And I hope everything gets sorted out on the job front soon!


you write so beautifully. I was there with you and could feel your frustration. Just lovely. I used to love daffs in the house - I used to fill the place - until I became allergic a few years ago. Can only admire them from afar these days - your photo has brightened my day.

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