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Friday, 08 February 2013


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Julie Kirk

So does that mean you're carrying us all around in your bag? Please don't leave us in the car ... it looks chilly out there!

Amazing photos [the post works perfectly fine on my computer] and it looks like a beautiful place.

Hoping everyone is settled in and feeling at 'home' soon. x


Amazing photos, looking good from my iPad. Most blogging platforms have apps you can use, rather than emailing - I use blog press which supports blogger and Wordpress, but I'm not sure about typepad.


Pictures are beautiful on my Mac Alexa. What a stunning place. I hope the family is settling in to their new home that you are all warm and cosy inside.
I made some comments from my iPad for the first time this morning, I was feeling lousy with another cough & sore throat so took my new toy back to bed!


beautiufl photos and as always I love the little touches in your layout that elevate it - in this case the reflection under the date.

I enjoy scrapping and blogging on the move - such a different feel from refelcting when home again


Wow! All that snow. Hope the move went well, and well done for taking as little time to moblog and scrap:)

Fiona@staring at the sea

Your images look beautiful, as ever, to me Alexa. I hope your family are feeling right at home very soon x

Jacky S

A great layout,Alexa.....looks perfect on my screen....hope they are settled now.....and warm enough!!


Looks cold where you are! I don't envy you trying to move in that weather. The layout looks great on my computer.

Paul B

Wow it's been an adventurous year so far for you. Great to see you mastering the art of scrapbooking away from the desktop. Not sure i'd know where to start. Beautiful photos, great examples of composition & leading the viewers eye. Stay warm and safe. Pxx


Wow! Technologically impressively beyond me! and very beautiful too. I hope everything goes smoothly and everyone is settled in very soon


Alexa, soooooo good to see this post (had completely forgotten about 'the move' and was worrying A.L.O.T.!!). Amazing photos! Best wishes to you all xx

Katie B

You're adding one more reason I want an iPad. The page is wonderful. The fact that you did it on an iPad on the road is fabulous.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

More loveliness - do you ever sit still?!?!


I've gone from wanting an ipad to NEEDING one! This is great, the post looks perfect on my computer. Those photos are beautiful, but it does look a bit cold out there - wrap up warm!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Isn't technology so much fun? I love the looks of your black and white layouts, Alexa! You have really inspired me (as usual!). Your layout just couldn't be more perfect - well done!


It looks good from my home computer Alexa! I am SO WAITING to join this technology! I bought myself a mobile that will actually have internet etc. but so far it has not worked! urgh!! It is great when it is working and infuriating when it's not. So glad your ipad played for you - it is so liberating to do what you what on the move.
Hope your family settle into their new home - it does look chilly!


Greetings! The layout works great on my iMac, too! And the iPad! ...I forget to use my iPad for taking photos and now, I can do scrapbook layouts and blog too! Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration. A whole new vista awaits...my heart is going pitter patter...

Continue to enjoy your time with your family and the snow.



Looks great on my Ipad....I have used my Ipad for commenting, but not for writing a post- you have encouraged me to experiment! Stay warm
Alison xx


The layout looks great on my laptop :) I love the black and white and the textures, it feels soooo cold lol And the Baltic makes it seem even colder :)


It works beautifully and those photos are amazing!!! I have never experienced snow + sea either!


Very clever Alexa!


The littles - I like that. Some day, you'll have to actually read them the books starring The Littles.


Those photos are magnificent Alexa! Such a contrast to our dried out land, silvery gum trees and blazing heat.

Do you have PSE or PS loaded on the iPad? How do you actually configure the page? And, how do you blog via email? Goodness, I have a lot to learn!

Continue to enjoy your time with those lovely Littlies - and Biggies!

Karen Walker

It looks great, Alexa. That wintery weather looks just like ours today. I've always admired your technical expertise. I've never figured out how to blog from my iPad.


I have not had any luck posting from my ipad. Good for you!


That sounds like an exciting adventure! The picture quality looks great to me, by the way :)

Missus Wookie

looks good from here. Enjoy the sea snow combo, I always liked walking along the beach during the winter - lovely and empty ;)


ooooh those photos are fantastic - it looks so lovely x


It looks great on here. I'd love to know how you managed to do it - I even have trouble commenting on my iPad so scrapbooking and blogging have me scratching my head - the blogging I did while away just didn't work out all that great.

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